Possible iCloud accounts hacking: Nude Photos of 98 Hollywood Celebrities leaked online


An unknown hacker has hacked and leaked nude pictures of 100+ high profile Hollywood celebrities on Sunday. The nude photos are available on 4chan’s /b/ board. Many of the affected celebrities have confirmed the authenticity of leaked pictures where some call it fake and some have accepted that the leaked images are real.  Security experts are warning [...]

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OpPakistan: Hackers deface Pakistani govt portal (Pakistan.gov.pk) to Support Protests

Deface page left by the hackers

Hactivists have decided to play their role in on going political crisis, as a result the official portal of government of Pakistan (Pakistan.gov.pk) has been hacked and defaced by unknown hackers supporting protesters demanding resignation of prime minister Nawaz Shareef. Hackers  left a deface page along with a message against the government and cracking jokes [...]

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Anonymous to attack Pakistani Govt against police brutality, vows to expose Shareef’s regime


The online hacktivist Anonymous has announced to conduct massive cyber attack on Pakistani government servers against yesterday’s police brutality on unarmed protesters demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef’s resignation in Islamabad, Pakistan.  In an exclusive conversation with one of representative of Anonymous movement, we were told that Anonymous will not let Mr. Shareef and his regime [...]

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Massive Cyber Attack: Anonymous takes down Pakistan Army and Govt websites against Police brutality


The online hacktivist Anonymous has conducted as massive cyber attack on Pakistani government, as a result Pakistani Army and government websites have been taken down against police brutality on protesters in Islamabad, Pakistan. @AnonymousGlobo announced the news on their official Twitter account with the list of sites taken down as a result of DDoS attack. [...]

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Solidarity with Palestine: Israeli Embassy Website for Uzbekistan Hacked


An anti-Assad Syrian hacker going with the handle of Dr.SHA6H from Syrian Revolution Soldiers | SRS has hacked and defaced the official website of Israeli Embassy for Uzbekistan in solidarity with Palestine. The website was hacked few hours ago and left with a deface page along with a message against Israel and the United States. The deface message was [...]

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Syrian Hackers Conducting Cyber-attacks Using BlackWorm RAT


‘Dark Edition’ BlackWorm RAT being spewed by Syrian Malware Team. Allegedly, the notorious Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) in collaboration with a hacker group has mounted a series of cyber-attacks through the BlackWorm remote access Trojan (RAT). Kyle Wilhoit and Thoufique Haq, researcher team from FireEye have reportedly revealed this cyber campaign in their blog post. [...]

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Anonymous Calls for ‘Hands Up & Walk Out’ General Strike Against Ferguson Shooting


The online hacktivist Anonymous has been active throughout the Michael Brown’s shooting incident in Ferguson’s Missouri. Talk about the cyber attack on Ferguson Police Department or highlighting the police brutality on protesters, Anonymous stood strong.  Now Anonymous has asked people, including students and workers to “take a day off” and organize a state-wide general strike on this Friday, 29 August. [...]

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