Anonymous Exposes How Rothschild Family Profited from missing Malaysian Airliner MH 370


A couple of weeks ago,  a video was uploaded on YouTube by online hacktivist group Anonymous. In the video anonymous gives an depth analysis of who got what from missing Malaysian Airline flight MH 370. The 8:08 minutes video talks about how a British International Banker Jacob Rothschild profited from the crash. It says, With the disappearance of those on Malaysian [...]

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Android Trojan Virus: iBanking Malware ‘Qadars’ Targets Facebook Users via Webinjects


Cyber criminals have targeted millions of Facebook users through a sophisticated Android Trojan app that can bypass the two-factor authentication shield used by Facebook mobile users, says a Slovakian security firm. ESET, an IT security firm, has identified a new variant of the banking Trojan ‘Qadars,’ which injects rogue JavaScript code into Facebook pages when [...]

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WhatsApp Flaw leaves User Location Vulnerable to Hackers and Spies.


Researchers warn that the highly popular mobile application WhatsApp cannot be trusted blindly. WhatsApp has been one of the most popular mobile applications when it comes to exchanging messages for free. However, a group of budding security researchers at the University of New Haven in Connecticut, USA allege that WhatsApp could not be trusted with the user’s data. The [...]

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No Room for Privacy: Facebook Launches Friend-Spying Feature ‘Nearby Friends’


A new feature introduced by Facebook to allow meeting the Facebook friends in real time when they are actually close by has had mixed reactions from its users. Nearby Friends, an optional mobile application, taps steady stream of location information and makes it possible for friends to track each other in real time and meet [...]

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Official website of Bangalore City Police hacked by Pakistani hacker


A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of H4x0r10ux m1nd has hacked and defaced the official website of Bangalore City Police India, yesterday. Hacker left a deface page along with a message on the hacked police website, bashing the admin for poor security and criticizing the government of India for killing innocent people in Kashmir. The [...]

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Google admits it’s reading your emails, tells court Gmail users should not expect privacy


Google’s latest update on Monday only highlights how apathetic they are to the privacy of their users and consider every bit of data transmitted through their services (Google plus, YouTube) as part of ‘fair game.’ The ‘fair game’ constitutes, When you upload, or otherwise submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, [...]

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The Major Cyber Events You Might Have Missed


The most happening events in cyber world that makes every web savvy thrilled and compel to think ahead of cyber crime are compiled here. The stories that you might missed can be again revealed with sincere efforts. So let us look over them! Microsoft planned to block Adware from July 2014 Adware that comes in [...]

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Use LastPass checker to find sites vulnerable to ‘Heartbleed’ and if you’ve to change your password

Image credit: Cnet

The password manager, LastPass, allows you to check if the saved sites are affected by the bug through its ‘LastPass Heratbleed Checker. LastPass’s Security Check tells you which sites have updated their certificates, and whether you need to change your password for that site. In the latest attempt to safeguard against the openSSL programming error bug, ‘Heartbleed,’ [...]

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