Websites of Azerbaijani Embassies Hacked by Armenian Hackers


Armenian hackers from Monte Melkonian Cyber Army – (MMCA) are back in action with yet another high-profile hack. This time the group has hacked and defaced the official website of Azerbaijan Association of judges of specialized courts, Azerbaijan Bank training Center, Azerbaijan embassy in Belgium and Poland. In an exclusive conversation with one of the representative of MMCA, we [...]

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Login with Google’ New USB Device and Keep Your Gmail Secure

This is the device which will be used to login in to Gmail

Google goes for Security Key- A Simplified Version of its Two-Factor Authentication. Logging in to Gmail will become a lot easier now since Google has officially endorsed Security Key. Security Key is an open standard which will allow users to log-in to their accounts using an attachable physical device. The device will be shaped like [...]

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Vernonia City Police Department VPD (State of Oregon) Website Hacked


An Indonesian hacker going with the handle of ‘Newbie Linuxer’ hacked and defaced the official website of Vernonia City, State of Oregon Police Department (VPD) earlier today. Hacker uploaded a deface image on Vernonia City Police Department’s staff page and edited the Job Category link available on the website. The deface page also showed a man sitting on a slum, wearing [...]

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Chinese Govt Hackers Launch Man-In-Middle Attack Against iCloud.


Reportedly the man-in-middle attack on Apple’s iCloud service was launched by Chinese Government It has been reported by, a team that monitors censorship for Chinese government’s Great Firewall, i.e., their national firewall system, that China has used the system in a bid to launch the man-in-the-middle attack on China’s iCloud users. The attack was [...]

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Does Mac OS X Yosemite Sends Search and Location Data to Apple?


Apple’s latest operating systems, iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite, collects location and search data and send it to Apple, according to a recent discovery made by independent researchers. It has been found that the Apple’s latest operating systems are configured to send location and search data to the parent company whenever a user [...]

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Facebook Is Going After DEA Agent For Making Fake Profile of Woman To Bust Criminals


Facebook is going after the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for stealing a woman’s identity and setting up a fake Facebook profile in order chase the subject. In other words, Facebook is NOT ok with the DEA making fake profile of people and using them for their own interests. A letter sent by DEA from Facebook on Friday, the [...]

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Dubai Police to Use Google Glasses in its operations


Dubai Police may start using Google Glasses for its traffic services operations soon. The department is testing the glasses to send live feed to the operations room during an accident. The glass, powered by Avaya Smart Connect Technology, will act as remote eyes for the operations room police officers and assist them in making decisions [...]

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