Azerbaijani Ministries Breach: 35k plus Login Details Dumped Online.


Armenian hackers from Monte Melkonian Cyber Army – (MMCA) hacked and defaced Azerbaijan‘s Baku city information portal yesterday. The hackers also claimed to breach top Azerbaijani government domains, stealing confidential data belonging to officials and registered users including emails and passwords. The targeted domains belong to Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health and Baku city life (Baku is also the capital [...]

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Idaho State Veterans Division Website Hacked by Turkish Cyber Army.


The online hacktivists from Turkish Cyber Army, yesterday hacked and defaced the official website of Idaho State Division of Veterans Services. Hackers left a deface page along with a message on hacked website in Turkish language. In an exclusive conversation with one of the representative of Turkish Cyber Army we were told that reason for targeting Veterans Services [...]

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Anonymous Shuts Down City of Cleveland Website.

tamir-rice-bb-gun-Anonymous Shuts Down City of Cleveland Website Against shooting 12-yr-old-2

The hacktivist group Anonymous has taken down the official website of City of Cleveland – Ohio, against the shooting and killing of a 12-year-old boy going with the name of Temir Rice.  In a YouTube video message, Anonymous had warned the Cleveland police department to conducted an investigation, reveal the identity  of officer who shot the kid but after [...]

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Regin Malware that attacked European Union networks was brainchild of US-UK


The Regin malware, whose existence was first reported by Symantec on Sunday, was perhaps the work of British and American spy agencies, according to a report published by the daily The Guardian. The daily also reported that the malware was used against targets in the European Union and one of the targets included the Belgian [...]

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Fake banking Apps with Malware in Google Play Store target Android users


The security researchers from Kaspersky Lab discovered two fake malicious banking apps on Google Play store targeting Brazilian Android users. Both apps were developed by a Brazilian cybercriminal going with the handle of “Governo Federal” (Federal Government), stealing banking and login credentials of the customers. The first app was published Oct. 31, had 80 downloads/installations and [...]

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Highly-Sophisticated Malware Found Secretly Spied On Computers For Years.


Computers under secret surveillance since 2008 courtesy a Highly-complex malware Regin – Sneaky sophisticated computer spying tool exposed by Symantec researchers.  Reportedly, Symantec’s computer security researchers have discovered a very complex and sophisticated malware that was being used for spying on international internet service providers and telecom companies. Most likely, it was developed by a [...]

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