FBI demands new powers to hack computers and spy on users around the world


The FBI is trying its best to convince an ambiguous regulatory body in Washington to modify its operation rules with the aim of possessing new powers to hack into and perform surveillance of computer systems all over the world. In response, civil liberties groups are of the view that this rule modification will bring great [...]

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Russian Hackers Allegedly Hacked White House Computers


Unclassified White House computers are latest in the list of security breaches this year and the prime suspects for the breach are Russian hackers, who on government’s direction are working to carry out attacks on world’s most sensitive systems belonging to NATO, the Ukrainian government and U.S. defense contractors, according to reports. Although, the attack [...]

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Snowden 2.0: FBI Identifies Another NSA Whistleblower


According to law enforcing agencies and intelligence reports, a ‘second leaker’ of NSA has been identified by the FBI. The FBI has identified an employee of a federal contracting firm suspected of being the so-called “second leaker” who turned over sensitive documents about the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list to a journalist closely associated with [...]

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This Camera-Covered Jacket Is Best Surveillance Tool To Record/Report Crime


Street crimes? not a problem now! With the newly designed jackets one can easily track down thieves and alert the respective authorities. During recent times, authorities in New York and London were researching a system through which they can eliminate street crimes and track down the criminals. Reacting to this a South Korean designer “Jehee [...]

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‘ScanBox’ Keylogger Targets US Think Tank, Uyghurs Community in China


ScanBox is the latest in the list of modern keylogger and is quite different because it can attack a system without even getting installed into it. ScanBox was discovered by a security company (Alien Vault) while it was scanning a large manufacturing company’s systems. Basically, ScanBox uses a javascript which is executed through the browser installed [...]

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