Malaysian Airlines Website Hacked by ISIS’ Cyber Caliphate Hackers


The official website of Malaysian Airlines has been hacked and defaced by Cyber Caliphate, the ISIS supporting hacking group. Visitors on the Malaysian Airlines website currently can see deface page along with a message rather than the original site content related to flight booking schedule. The hackers also changed the website’s description to ISIS will Prevail […]

Read more is sharing patient data with marketers

healthcare-gov-is-sharing-patient-data-with-marketers’s camaraderie with Marketers Revealed – Apparently the US federal Website has been sharing Patient Data with Marketers. The United States’ federal website reportedly has been leaking the personal data of its consumers to advertising and marketing purveyors. This website is responsible for making registrations and selecting consumers for health insurance under the Affordable Care […]

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SplashData reveals most popular passwords of 2014


“123456” remains and retains the top position in the most popular or rather “worst password” list, says SplashData News, which compiles millions of stolen passwords that are made public and then arranges them in decreasing order of occurrences. The report noted that simple numerical passwords still remain common like last year and the first time […]

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Do not click ‘Hottest Leaked Snapchats’ links on Facebook


Users hoping to see saucy “leaked” footages and pictures of celebs may fall prey to identity fraud- Warns Security Firm BitDefender Facebook users are in for a surprise if only they click on links promising never-seen-before nude pictures of celebrities from popular messaging app SnapChat. Renowned security firm BitDefender claims that this latest breed of […]

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