Egypt Starts Monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and Skype of its citizens


Egyptian government has sought assistance of the sister company of an American security firm to monitor the online communications of Egyptians, according to a media report. See Egypt, the sister company of the US based Blue Coat, is monitoring the online communications of Egyptians, said a government official on condition of anonymity to BuzzFeed News. [...]

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How to Download YouTube Playlists with “4K YouTube to MP3 Software”.


How often does this happen that you wander through a few audio or video files among the exorbitant number of YouTube videos and wished them to have on your device? Listening to your favorite tunes, organized by a genre or category and accessing them offline while taking a stroll in the park or during transit [...]

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Snowden: NSA Shared Private Communication of Americans with Israel


The whistleblower (Snowden) has accused NSA of leaking all the communications of Americans to Israel, adding to it all these communication are entirely unedited and every single bit of it is available to Israeli intelligence agency units. One of the journalists Bamford from New York Times while defining these communications wrote: “According to Snowden, the [...]

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Microsoft Unveils Universal Mobile Keyboard for Android, iOS and Windows


Four latest accessories were added to the lineup of Microsoft and all of them are aimed at arriving prior to the holiday season. The most amazing addition has to be the wired Xbox One Controller for Windows however, the company also went ahead to unveil the universal keyboard along with the latest mice. Microsoft’s stance [...]

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Vulnerability Allows Attacker to Delete Credit Cards from Any Twitter Account

Twitter launches its bug bounty program, report a vulnerability and earn money

An Egyptian security researcher Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Aboul-Ela has found a critical vulnerability in Twitter that allows hacker to delete credit card details from any account. The vulnerability has been actually found in Twitter’s advertising service ( which can be used to delete credit card from any Twitter handle. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Aboul-Ela, who is [...]

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Snowden exposes NSA’s plan to map the entire Internet. It’s called ‘Treasure Map’

Image Credit: Scott Howard

Newly exposed Snowden documents reveal the NSA’s in-depth plan to “map the entire Internet — any device, anywhere, all the time.” US and UK both have intelligence services which have mysterious access points for the German telecom companies and their internal networks as well. The new scandal orbits around the US NSA as well as the British [...]

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WikiLeaks exposes chats and list of countries being spied through FinFisher


WikiLeaks has exposed secret conversation and list of countries who had their citizens being spied by their own governments through German based Gamma Group International’ FinFisher spyware. In a series 4 of SpyFiles documents, WikiLeaks published that Slovakia, Mongolia, Qatar, South Africa, Bahrain, Pakistan, Estonia, Vietnam, Australia, Belgium, Nigeria, Netherlands, Singapore, Bangladesh, Italy, Hungary, Bosnia revealed to be [...]

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