Snowden: GCHQ Manipulates Online Polls, Intercepts Skype calls & access Private Facebook photos


Edward Snowden has released new NSA documents revealing that British intelligence agency, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has skilled itself to intercept Skype messages and voice application. The documents state that a division of Government Headquarters Communications (GCHQ), the British counterpart of the NSA (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG), can now spy on Skype conversation both voice and [...]

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Stop Spying on People says Syrian Electronic Army after hacking Skype’s Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Pro Bashar Ul Assad hackers from Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) had hacked the official blog, Facebook and Twitter account of instant messaging client Skype yesterday. After hacking the Twitter account, SEA started tweeting against Micosoft’s Skype, asking them to stop spying on people. One of the tweet from hacked Twitter of skype said that:  While on the [...]

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Microsoft allowed NSA to Spy on Skype and Outlook

Microsoft has collaborated extensively with the intelligence services of the United States to allow users’ communications details. The company even helped the NSA (National Security Agency) to break their own encryption system, according to documents cited Wednesday in the British newspaper “Guardian”. Data leaked by Edward Snowden illustrate the scale of cooperation between companies in [...]

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Israeli Skype,Microsoft, MSN, Live, Amazon Hacked & Defaced by Pakistani leets


The hackers from Pakistan have carried out a massive deface for #OpIsrael, H4x0rL1f3 & ZombiE_KsA have hacked and defaced Israeli servers of Skype, Microsoft, MSN, Live, Amazon and MasterCard.  The hackers left their deface page along with a deface message showing their anger against Israel and its air strikes on the people of Palestine. According to the message [...]

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Government Spyware Company Gamma’s FinFisher Hacked, Top Secret Documents Leaked


Spyware for government product FinFisher’s supremacy proven by leaked documents A series of docs have been leaked informing about the effectiveness and operations of FinFisher. FinFisher is a surveillance platform which was sold to governmental institutions and law enforcing agencies by the German based Gamma group. The slick and highly secret surveillance software can remotely control any [...]

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Firefox is going to implement Audio and Video calling feature between two Browsers.


Have you ever thought that browsers could be a source of audio and video communication? However, it is a reality because Firefox is at present in a mood to introduce browser-based audio and video calling.  Mozilla has announced that the company will soon launch its new version Firefox Nightly, which will have open source and [...]

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