Anonymous Hackers plan massive cyber-attack on Brazil World Cup Sponsors

Anonymous hackers are planning a massive cyber-attack on sponsors of the World Cup in Brazil to register protest against excessive spending on the tournament in a situation where people are suffering to get hold of basic services, a hacker told Reuters.

Last week, Anonymous hacked into Brazil’s Foreign Ministry computers and leaked highly confidential emails and documents.

“We have already conducted late-night tests to see which of the sites are more vulnerable,” said the hacker going with the handle of Che Commodore on Twitter. “We have a plan of attack.”


Che revealed a list of sponsors that will be targeted:

“This time we are targeting the sponsors of the World Cup,” We will target Adidas, Emirates airline [EMIRA.UL], the Coca-Cola Co and Budweiser, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev”.

For now there has been no response from the sponsors but if Anonymous started targeting the companies sponsoring the event, it will be considered as one of the important and biggest cyber attacks by Anonymous. 

Protest against the world cup event in Brazil has been going on for months. In 2013, hackers defaced and replaced the FIFA Brazil website with protest footage

Stay tuned for more updates on the issue.

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