Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE.ORG) Sub-Domains Hacked.


A pro-Palestinian hacker going with the handle of HolaKo today hacked and defaced two sub-domains from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE.ORG) website. The targeted domains belong to IEEE Life Sciences technologies, information & activities and IEEE’s Entity Web Hosting. Hacker also defaced IEEE Sudan main website. All domains were left a deface page along […]

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Chinese Malware Found Targeting Visitors on Afghan Govt. Websites.


All eyes are now open on the possible future wars and their tactics since 2014 has made public several cyber-attacks on both governmental and private entities. The most recent of these attacks is a major hacking that took place on several Afghan governmental sites including several ministries; (““) namely: Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign […]

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How to convert JPG to PDF with Icecream PDF Converter.


How to convert JPG to PDF with Icecream PDF Converter Absolutely Free. PDF is one of the most widely touted file formats for its simplicity and robustness to embed images, text and other files flawlessly into a single tangible file. Its ability to present documents in a lucid fashion makes it a favorite of the professional organizations […]

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Misfortune Cookie Flaw Placing Over 12 Million Home Routers At Risk.


Researchers at Check Point Software Technologies have reported a vulnerability in over 12 million home routers that could lead to hackers who gaining access to all traffic moving in and out of the device through a very simple attack. The devices, which run an embedded webserver called RomPager, are manufactured by D-Link, Huawei, TP-Link, ZTE, […]

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Staples Store Hacked: 1.16 Million Payment Cards Stolen.


While the FBI is blaming North Korea for hacking Sony, the world’s largest office supply chain store Staples has announced that unknown hackers got access to some 1.16 million customers’ payment cards due to a malware deployed by cyber criminals to some point-of-sale systems at 115 of its more than 1,400 U.S. retail stores.  This news might […]

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FBI formally blames North Korea for massive Sony hack.


The Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) has formally blamed North Korea for hacking and damaging reputation of Sony pictures, claiming that the agency has “enough information to conclude,” that North Korea is behind one of the world’s biggest cyber attack.  Sony was hacked in November where hackers asked the company to pay ransom or data will be leaked. […]

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University of Toronto Domains Hacked, Defaced with anti-ISIS message.


A Kurdish hacker going with the handle of “Muhamad Emad” has hacked and defaced ten sub-domains from University of Toronto website earlier today.  Hacker left a Kurdish flag as a deface page along with a message on all hacked domains. The first message is in support of Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG) in Kurdish, The People’s Protection Units in […]

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