Attackers breach TOR Network to De-Anonymize Users of Hidden Services


Tor, a downloadable software bundle designed in such a way that it stops cyber criminals, government agencies and corporations from tracking user current location and data used during internet surfing. According to a research, Tor uses a technology which helps in bouncing traffic on the website and the information of the users via relays which [...]

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Chinese hackers steal data on Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system


A group of Chinese hackers going with the handle of “Comment Crew” breached into three Jewish defense contractors in order to get information on Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Other than information on Iron Dome, hackers also took away highly confidential documents on other projects – such as ballistic rockets, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) and [...]

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Hackers claim to leak Ukrainian Ministry of Defense emails


Hackers from Cyber Berkut group are claiming to hack and leak personal emails belonging to Colonel V.M. Pushenko. of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. In an email one of the representative from Cyber Berkut claimed that the leaked emails contain confidential conversation between officials about ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The content of email conversation is available [...]

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Israeli watchdog confirms recent cyber attacks have badly affected the Internet browsing


Anonymous hackers along with other elite hackers from around the world have been attacking Israeli cyber space for ages, but since the beginning of Israeli attacks on Gaza there has been a massive increase in such attacks under the banner of #OpSaveGaza. This has been accepted by Israeli based newspaper Haaretz and Israeli homeland security website itself.  Haaretz [...]

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600 million Apple devices have secret backdoors

Munich, Germany: Customers gather outside an Apple store

An expert security researcher said that there are secret backdoors in more than half a billion mobile devices which are having Apple’s latest iOS. Jonathan Zdziarski, usually known by his internet world name “NerveGas” was attending a presentation in at ‘Hackers on Earth’ conference in New York on Friday morning where he told the audience [...]

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Turkish Hacker Hacks United Nation Sub-Domain against Gaza Attacks.


A Turkish hacker going with the handle of Turk Guvenligi has hacked and defaced the official sub-domain of United Nation Civil Society Participation (iCSO), against Israeli attacks on Gaza. Hacker left a very interesting deface page along with a message, criticizing and questioning the purpose of the United Nation in an international world. The deface message can be [...]

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Do Not Click: Funny Facebook Video Scam Installs Malware and Steals Your Credentials


Facebook users are advised not to click on a video link that looks like some woman removing her cloths in front of a webcam, as it lead users to a fake YouTube link and tricks them into downloading a malicious malware that steals their personal data. The malware is of Albanian origin, can also access user’s internet browser, according [...]

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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to work on user friendly anti-surveillance tools


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is planning to work on anti-surveillance tools so people can protect their privacy. While talking to Hackers on Planet Earth Conference (HOPE) on Saturday, Snowden vowed to work on programs that will help people to protect themselves from security agencies. He participated in the conference via Google Hangouts from an unknown location in [...]

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