Snowden exposes NSA’s plan to map the entire Internet. It’s called ‘Treasure Map’

Image Credit: Scott Howard

Newly exposed Snowden documents reveal the NSA’s in-depth plan to “map the entire Internet — any device, anywhere, all the time.” US and UK both have intelligence services which have mysterious access points for the German telecom companies and their internal networks as well. The new scandal orbits around the US NSA as well as the British [...]

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WikiLeaks exposes chats and list of countries being spied through FinFisher


WikiLeaks has exposed secret conversation and list of countries who had their citizens being spied by their own governments through German based Gamma Group International’ FinFisher spyware. In a series 4 of SpyFiles documents, WikiLeaks published that Slovakia, Mongolia, Qatar, South Africa, Bahrain, Pakistan, Estonia, Vietnam, Australia, Belgium, Nigeria, Netherlands, Singapore, Bangladesh, Italy, Hungary, Bosnia revealed to be [...]

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Iranian group hacks U.S. Government owned Clarkston City, Georgia website


The notorious Iranian hackers from Ashiyane Digital Security Team have hacked and defaced the official website of United States government City of Clarkston, Georgia. Hackers left a deface page along with a message on the hacked site. The message however doesn’t explains any reason for targeting the Clarkston City website. According to the deface message: We love [...]

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An unknown hacker managed to breach the security of computers hosting and install a malware on the federal Obamacare website, according to government cyber security team.  The malware uploaded on the server was designed to launch a distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack against other websites. hosts federal insurance exchange which is home to [...]

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Supporter of Anonymous Hacktivists Hacks Vodafone Egypt Sub-Domains


A hacker going with the handle of ‘Ali El Top’ hacked and defaced two official sub-domains of Vodafone Egypt last Thursday (04/09/2014).  Hacker left a message along with a deface picture of Anonymous hacktivists on sub-domains belonging to Vodafone’s web hosting services for its customers. By looking at the deface message it seems that hacking Vodafone domains was [...]

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OpIsrael Reborn: Israel-Russia-Ukraine Chambers of Commerce and Industry website hacked

The deface page

The Pro-Palestinian online hacktivist AnonGhost has announced a series of cyber attacks with aim to destroy Israeli cyber space. These cyber attacks will be conducted under the banner of OpIsrael Reborn. To begin with the Op, AnonGhost has hacked and defaced the official website of Israel – Russia – Ukraine & CIS Chambers of Commerce and [...]

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5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Leaked online, Check Yours Here


Around 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords have been leaked online on a Russian Bitcoin forum last Wednesday. According to reports, the hackers behind this hack are allegedly Russians and the leaked data appears to have been collected via hacking and phishing over a period of time. It has also been observed that the leaked data is outdated and [...]

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R.I.P MSN Messenger :(

MSN Messenger / Credit:

It’s time to say good bye to once the best instant messaging platform MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger). Microsoft started shutting down MSN Messenger globally in April 2013 and it will be completely vanished from the Internet on October 31st 2014. Messenger is only available in mainland China until then. For anyone who grew up in the [...]

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