Mysterious UFO Photos Found in Documents Leaked by Snowden

A document among the trove leaked by Edward Snowden contains slides showing images of flying saucer

Ex-NSA tech Snowden leaked documents had yet another element of surprise; it has a set of slides depicting mysterious spacecrafts referring to Flying Saucers or UFO. The slides, part of the powerpoint presentation created by the British spying agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), contains three un-captioned images seemingly like flying saucers. The presentation was produced by [...]

University of Maryland Hacked, Personal Information of 300,000 Staff and Students Stolen


More than 300,000 records of faculty, staff, students, and affiliates of the Maryland University were breached, according to the University’s president. In a written note to the students and faculty, Wallace D. Loh, the president, confirmed that no financial records, academic, health or contact information were compromised and the hack was confined to personal information [...]

RedHack Leaks Contact Details of US Embassy staff in Turkey


Turkish based RedHack hacktivist claims to leak personal information and contact details of US embassy’ staff in Turkey. The dumped data shows names, emails and phone numbers belonging to US consulate in Turkey. The first in the list is Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr., the United States ambassador to Turkey, whose phone number, name and email has [...]