Snowden Document Reveals NSA spied on 122 world leaders


Documents leaked by the ex-NSA contractor and the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, indicate GCHQ and NSA along with the US government were hand in glove about spying on Germany. The espionage was not just limited to political leaders but includes some top German companies as well.  The German news magazine, Der Spigel, and the First Look [...]

Documents Leaked by Snowden show NSA Spied on Chinese Government and Huawei Telecom


NSA hacked into servers of Huawei Technologies, a Chinese network manufacturer, and collected information to plant ‘backdoors’ on their equipment, according to latest media reports based on the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. NSA, however, declined to comment on the company specifically but in an email statement to the IDG news service, the agency said: [...]

Snowden’s Latest Leak has fake UFO Images: Claims expert

A document among the trove leaked by Edward Snowden contains slides showing images of flying saucer

Following a report published by Yahoo News, it was revealed that Edward Snowden has leaked documents containing mysterious UFO images.  The Daily Mail however has a different view, according to a UFO experts the mysterious spacecrafts in the Snowden’s leaked powerpoint presentation are fake images and a mind-control game practiced by the governments. The latest revelations from the [...]

Anti-NSA Blackphone: Encrypted smartphone designed to rescue users from surveillance

anti-NSA-Blackphone-Proof Smartphone Ready to Invade Market-2

Post-Snowden revelations about NSA snooping on private data of almost every individual, Silent Circle, a Switzerland based encryption firm, has partnered with the Spanish phone manufacturer, Geeksphone that uses Android platform for its mobile devices, to produce Blackphone—the most secure smartphone in the world. Phil Zimmerman, one of Silent Circle’s founder and a renowned cryptographer, [...]

Security Guards in Brazil caught spying on women with low-cut dresses [Video Added]


Twelve municipal guards in the city of Araraquara (273 km from Sao Paulo) Brazil have been suspend from their jobs of monitoring surveillance cameras after a complaint that the security camera surveillance service was used for “spying” women in low-cut dresses and dating couples. The complaint was made on Wednesday (11th December) by Councilwoman Gabriela Palombo (PT) [...]