Anonymous releases video showing warrantless wiretapping by Police.


Anonymous, the hacker collective, has released a video to testify warrantless wiretapping in Chicago during a #blacklivesmatter protest through a moving vehicle. The video begins with the US president’s message to the nation, “No one is listening to your telephone calls” and then proceeds to show how the assurances, promises and quotes from the President […]

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Researcher Shows How To Hack Any PayPal Account In Just One Click.


Yasser Ali, a student from Egypt, disclosed how to breach PayPal’s security and completely gain control over its user accounts through changing their passwords. Ali describes himself as an ex-hacktivist and information security student. During daytime Ali, who identified and reported the security flaw, serves as a mechanical engineer. According to him PayPal was quick […]

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Subdomain of American Express Website Hacked By AnonGhost


The pro-Palestinian “hacktivist’ AnonGhost yesterday hacked the official sub-domain of The American Express Company (American multinational financial services corporation), also known as Amex. AnonGhost left a deface page a long with a message on the targeted domain (, claiming that Khilafah will transform the world. The IP address used by the targeted domain is, registered country […]

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Hackers Leak Salary, Personal Info of Sony Group’ executives and employees.


Sony Entertainment has once again fallen victim to one of the worst cyber-attacks wherein the salaries of its highest paid executives along with private information of over 6,000 employees compromised, according to a media report. This happened after leaking of unreleased movies from Sony’s server on 29th November. Last week Sony Pictures Entertainment’s entire computer network […]

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Regin Malware that attacked European Union networks was brainchild of US-UK


The Regin malware, whose existence was first reported by Symantec on Sunday, was perhaps the work of British and American spy agencies, according to a report published by the daily The Guardian. The daily also reported that the malware was used against targets in the European Union and one of the targets included the Belgian […]

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Apple, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, Twitter Ask Senate to curb NSA spying


Digital privacy might get better now as 10 of the leading US companies (including: AOL, APPLE, Dropbox, Microsoft, Evernote, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo) and Electronic Frontier Foundation have backed US freedom act coined recently in the parliament. The act is introduced to make privacy on internet better and to make government’s grip on […]

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