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Use LastPass checker to find sites vulnerable to ‘Heartbleed’ and if you’ve to change your password

The password manager, LastPass, allows you to check if the saved sites are affected by the bug through its ‘LastPass Heratbleed Checker. LastPass’s Security Check tells you which sites have updated their certificates, and whether you need to change your password for that site. In the latest attempt to safeguard against the openSSL programming error bug, ‘Heartbleed,’ [...]

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Your email Password, Credit Card at Risk—Web Encryption Compromised by ‘Heart Bleed’ Bug

The new bug allows attackers to gain sensitive information protected by the SSL/TLS encryption. A new exploit in the open SSL, the core cryptographic library, has been reported by security researchers. The exploit could easily allow the attackers to gain access to information such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data. The [...]

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Microsoft Warning: MS Word Has Been Hacked, Do not open ‘.RTF’ Files

Microsoft has issued a warning about a possible hacking attempt through an RTF exploit code, according to its official blog.  The latest hacking attacks, known as “Cringent” or “Power Worm” uses the cloud technologies to target its victims. The exploit code, instead of creating executable code, uses certified technologies such as Windows PowerShell, Google DNS [...]

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Alert: Tor Browser app in the Apple Store is fake, spreading Malwares and Spywares! Do not download!

Tor Browser app in the Apple app store is fake and have been found spreading adware and spywares. According to the official website of Tor Browser, the Browser app available in Apple store on iTunes is fake and has nothing to do with the official version. The developers of Tor said that: Tor Browser in the Apple [...]

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