WordPress Websites Hacked: Soak Soak Malware infects 100k+ WP Websites.


Infected Websites launch Attack Code into user visited pages – Leaves 11,000 WordPress sites blacklisted by Google Websites using the WordPress content management system are under great threat- reportedly more than 100,000 WordPress websites have been attacked and infected by a mysterious malware. This malware turns the infected websites into potential attacking platforms that can […]

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Cops scan social media to help assess your ‘threat rating’: Reuters


Recent events have steered the national focus onto aggressive law enforcement and the public is not at ease with the situation. Physical and aggressive police behavior has people wondering what else is in store for them. Well, they didn’t have long to wonder as new information is emerging regarding a different type of aggressive policing. […]

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Most Sophisticated Malware Campaign Targeting Diplomats, iPhones, Android, and PC.


Researchers from Blue Cat Labs are calling it the Inception attack framework, in reference to the movie “Inception” where a thief entered people’s dreams and stole secrets from their subconscious. They are also describing it as one of the most sophisticated attacks they have ever seen. That, in itself, is saying a lot for the […]

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FBI couldn’t bypass iPhone 6 encryption, but this 7-yr-old did.

Abstract 3D illustration.

Meet the Clever 7-year-old who Dodged iPhone 6 Plus Biometric Technology. Harrison Green, a witty 7-year-old boy, unlocked his father’s iPhone 6 Plus easily adopting a very simplistic method of Touch ID. How he did it? He sneaked into his father’s room while he was asleep and pressed his dad’s finger on the cellphone’s Touch […]

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Mail Activity Reports Campaign Allows Hackers to Grab Yahoo Credentials.


A new phishing campaign has been instigated to target Yahoo users. This campaign helps hackers take their credentials via hijacking their accounts.  The latest entrant in the violently spreading breed of malicious emails contains messages that easily dodge the email provider’s anti-spam filters and directly lands into the user’s inbox folder. This email appears as […]

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Anonymous releases video showing warrantless wiretapping by Police.


Anonymous, the hacker collective, has released a video to testify warrantless wiretapping in Chicago during a #blacklivesmatter protest through a moving vehicle. The video begins with the US president’s message to the nation, “No one is listening to your telephone calls” and then proceeds to show how the assurances, promises and quotes from the President […]

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