Google Image Search Hacked? Search results filled with Russian car crash images


Users witness looking at pictures of Russian car crash regardless of what they searched on Google Images. If someone searched for ‘cat’ the search result came up with a multiple images of the car crash- speculations were that Google Image search result service was hacked. The finding was originally reported by Time Magazine, while searching for an image of [...]

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Researchers show how to hack Gmail with 92% success rate


Security researchers from University of Michigan and the University of California Riverside Bourns College of Engineering have found out a security flaw in Android, Windows, and iOS platforms allowing malicious apps to steal personal information from a smartphone. At the moment the flaw has only been tested on Android phones, but the team is sure that the [...]

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Hackers Sending Fake Ebola Virus reports in emails with Malware and Phishing Links


A new malicious campaign has been identified by security researchers spreading fake news about the Ebola virus, in order to redirect users to phishing websites and delivering Malware. Symantec has reported three Malware operations and a phishing campaign using the Ebola virus as a social engineering theme. 1. The first phishing campaign shows that cybercriminals are [...]

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Ukraine Government Offices bugged with Spyware by Russia


The computers of Ukrainian prime minister and those installed at the embassies of its Eastern Europe allies have been bugged by Snake, a spying tool associated with Moscow. “Sensitive diplomatic information has been made available to the perpetrators of the attack as a result,” explains the report on this incident published in the Financial Times. [...]

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Hacker Roots Anti-NSA “Blackphone” In Just 5 minutes


Reportedly, at the BlackHat Security Conference held in Las Vegas this weekend, the highly-secure NSA-proof Blackphone got rooted within just five minutes flat. The extremely hyped Blackphone has been aptly titled as the “world’s first ever smartphone offering full privacy and control directly in the user’s hands.” This new smartphone is the outcome of a [...]

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