Cops scan social media to help assess your ‘threat rating’: Reuters


Recent events have steered the national focus onto aggressive law enforcement and the public is not at ease with the situation. Physical and aggressive police behavior has people wondering what else is in store for them. Well, they didn’t have long to wonder as new information is emerging regarding a different type of aggressive policing. […]

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This Guy is Deaf but His Hacked Hearing Aids Let Him Listen to Wi-Fi Sounds.


Wearable technology is most often associated with smart-watches and smart glasses, but one man in the UK has hacked his own hearing aid to tune in to the sounds of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Frank Swain, the co-founder of Phantom Terrains, uses a smartphone app to translate the characteristics of wireless networks, such as their name […]

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How to quickly download Instagram photos and videos to your hard drive.


There would be hardly any art appreciators hating Instagram for its abundance of rich photographs among the hugely enormous number of selfie among them. While Instagram is a great tool for photographers, it is a feast for the eyes and a great place to discover hordes of amazing photographs from wide demographics of people. This […]

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Fake banking Apps with Malware in Google Play Store target Android users


The security researchers from Kaspersky Lab discovered two fake malicious banking apps on Google Play store targeting Brazilian Android users. Both apps were developed by a Brazilian cybercriminal going with the handle of “Governo Federal” (Federal Government), stealing banking and login credentials of the customers. The first app was published Oct. 31, had 80 downloads/installations and […]

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Clair Air Purifier: The avant-gardeproduct for every 21st century home


Every once in a while there comes a product that sweeps all its predecessors by their feet and strike a sense of awe among the consumer market. While innovation has been touted as the main reason for human evolution and sustainability, coming up with solutions for this ever increasing pollution hasn’t been quite an easy […]

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