Microsoft Unveils Universal Mobile Keyboard for Android, iOS and Windows


Four latest accessories were added to the lineup of Microsoft and all of them are aimed at arriving prior to the holiday season. The most amazing addition has to be the wired Xbox One Controller for Windows however, the company also went ahead to unveil the universal keyboard along with the latest mice. Microsoft’s stance [...]

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R.I.P MSN Messenger :(

MSN Messenger / Credit:

It’s time to say good bye to once the best instant messaging platform MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger). Microsoft started shutting down MSN Messenger globally in April 2013 and it will be completely vanished from the Internet on October 31st 2014. Messenger is only available in mainland China until then. For anyone who grew up in the [...]

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DocuFreezer: Offline conversion of documents to PDF and JPEG’s demystified [Review]


People handling hundreds of documents weekly as part of their personal or professional work know how it feels when their internet connection is down for converting their documents to PDF’s. Thanks to the internet, almost everything is available at the launch of a website and so it goes with online file conversion tools. But what [...]

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Twitter launches bug bounty program.

Twitter launches its bug bounty program, report a vulnerability and earn money

Twitter has announced its new bug bounty program and If you are a security researcher you may get paid for finding security vulnerabilities in Twitter’s website and mobile apps.  Twitter has selected a third party platform HackerOne in order to report security flaws and existing vulnerabilities. A security researcher will be paid minimum $140 for reporting vulnerabilities, according [...]

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Terrorists have become privacy conscious after Snowden leaks: Report


Terrorists embracing new Android crypto in wake of Snowden revelations Android is the “preferred platform” for terrorist groups, according to report. After the upheaval of Edward Snowden subsided, NSA revealed they have discovered evidence indicating that terrorists have adopted changes in their countermeasures. This discovery has caused much commotion all around the world. “Al-Fajr, one [...]

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