Facebook could be developing Anonymous app that will force users to confess their secrets: Report

Snowden Leaks: NSA Posed as Facebook to infect computers with malware

The Secret app showcases startling confessions about what a person really thinks but isn’t willing to share on sites like Facebook Reports suggest Zuckerberg has had a meeting with the Secret founders If Facebook develops its own app, the move will be a drastic departure from its current stance of not allowing users to display fake names The news [...]

Dubai Police Official Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts Hacked by Anonymous

Photo Source: The National UAE

An Anonymous hacker going with the handle of @TheHorsemenLulz has hacked 4 official Social Media accounts of UAE‘s Dubai Police. The hacked accounts include LinkedIn, Pinterest and verified Twitter handle with 258k followers. After hacking Dubai Police Twitter account, hacker started sending tweets; blaming the police for spying on people. One of the tweet said: Dubai Police is spying [...]

Facebook Sued for spying on private messages and sharing them with third party

Facebook Sued for spying on private messages and sharing them with third party-2

Earlier we reported that Facebook will send your conversation data to TV networks and how Facebook stores everything you type on the social network even if the message is not published. Now a lawsuit has been filed by Michael Hurley and Plaintiffs Matthew Campbell in California district court which claims that Facebook reads, stores and shares user’s personal messages from their inbox [...]

Be careful What You Like! Hackers are Hijacking Your Facebook ‘Likes’


The like button is a highly interactive feature of social media giant Facebook. A British public-service television broadcaster has however revealed that hackers are hacking accounts of various people and are liking pages which the hacked user has no interest in. Channel4 reports that at one instance, Richard Southard’s account shows that he is among the common [...]

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Barak Obama’s Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.22.14 PM

The pro – Assad hackers from Syrian Electronic Army managed to hack official Facebook and Social media accounts of American President Barak Obama and redirecting his official site (barackobama.com) to another page showing ”Hacked by SEA”. Obama’s website was redirected a couple of days ago while his social media accounts were hacked on Monday. SEA managed [...]

Israeli PM’s Twitter account caught following Iranian porn Twitter account


The official Twitter account of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was found following an Iranian porn Twitter account before unsubscribing Sunday morning, about seven hours after The Times of Israel broke the story. On sunday morning, the verified Twitter account of Israeli prime minister @Netanyahu started following around 90 Twitter accounts, mostly belonging to Israeli government and its [...]