Anonymous hacks Kenyan Defence Forces Twitter Account


The official Twitter account of Kenyan Defense Forces ‘@kdfinfo‘ has been hacked by Anonymous just before midnight on Sunday. Hackers who took over the KDF’s account have identified themselves as @Anon_0x03 and Anonymous Kenya. Several tweets were made by Anonymous, accusing the army for wasting time and money in buying weapons while Africa remains poor. The account has around [...]

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Palestinians and Israelis take battle to social networks


Now, the battle waged by both sides also extends to social networks. Israelis and Palestinians are increasingly using sophisticated methods in an attempt to win support on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. While Hamas Guides Palestinians to publish photos of wounded on social networks, Israel has created an application that simulates what if Gaza were in your country. [...]

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Facebook used its news feed to control users’ emotions: Forbes


There is no doubt that Facebook has become a social media giant but it will play with people’s emotion was never expected. Yes! Facebook has reveled that it played with emotions of over 689,003 of users through a vast experiment. Facebook is the best human research lab ever. There’s no need to get experiment participants to sign pesky [...]

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New Israeli Facebook page says, Kill a Palestinian ‘terrorist’ every hour.

Facebook page's cover photo showing Palestinians as targets through a gun

More than 20,000 Israelis have joined a Facebook page that calls for the murder of a Palestinian every hour until three missing Israeli settler teens are located. The page is titled “Until the boys are back, every hour we shoot a terrorist.” On the Facebook page, the famous Hebrew slogan is ascribed on the cover photo [...]

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Two Big Anonymous Hacktivist Pages on Facebook get Verified Badges


While surfing Facebook, you must have seen a blue badge indicating verified pages and profiles of famous people such as celebrities, journalists and politicians etc, but looking at verified pages of Anonymous hacktivists was something totally unexpected.  Yes! there are two pages on Facebook belonging to the Anonymous hacktivists with verified page status and millions of likes.  We saw [...]

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New Facebook App Knows What You’re Listening and Watching


Apparently, Facebook will be tracking you more closely than ever through iPhones and Android devices. The new Shazam-like music ID feature, called audio recognition, will automatically recognize the song you are listening to or the TV show you are watching and update it on your Facebook status, according to The Verge. It further reports that, [...]

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