Apple, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, Twitter Ask Senate to curb NSA spying


Digital privacy might get better now as 10 of the leading US companies (including: AOL, APPLE, Dropbox, Microsoft, Evernote, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo) and Electronic Frontier Foundation have backed US freedom act coined recently in the parliament. The act is introduced to make privacy on internet better and to make government’s grip on [...]

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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Mistakenly Posts Semi-Nude Pic of Ex-President Lula


Dilma Rousseff, who was re-elected to the presidency in Brazil on Sunday evening (26) after winning against Aetius Neves in a close race, mistakenly posted a link containing a photo of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva taking a shower. It happened just few hours ago when Rousseff was posting pictures of everyone who supported her during [...]

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Facebook Is Going After DEA Agent For Making Fake Profile of Woman To Bust Criminals


Facebook is going after the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for stealing a woman’s identity and setting up a fake Facebook profile in order chase the subject. In other words, Facebook is NOT ok with the DEA making fake profile of people and using them for their own interests. A letter sent by DEA from Facebook on Friday, the [...]

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Tell loved ones you’re fine during disaster with New Facebook ‘I’m safe’ tool


In the newest Facebook updates, it has announced a feature which activates automatically when a city is hit by a disaster. It searches up all the people having Facebook profiles of that city and ask them whether they are safe or not, if the presses the “OK” feature automatically posts on the user’s profile telling [...]

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Court Ruling: Parents May Be Responsible for What Their Kids Post on Facebook


Parents might now be responsible for all the activities carried out by their children on the world’s largest social media platform “Facebook”. An appellate Georgia court marked this as legal precedent in response to a recent case in which a child was found guilty for using abusive language and for creating fake Facebook profiles of [...]

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Twitter launches bug bounty program.

Twitter launches its bug bounty program, report a vulnerability and earn money

Twitter has announced its new bug bounty program and If you are a security researcher you may get paid for finding security vulnerabilities in Twitter’s website and mobile apps.  Twitter has selected a third party platform HackerOne in order to report security flaws and existing vulnerabilities. A security researcher will be paid minimum $140 for reporting vulnerabilities, according [...]

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