Russia threatens to ban Facebook and Twitter within minutes

The Russian Internet regulatory authority has warned that it can block Twitter and Facebook. This threat came up when Russia is trapped in the fears of strangling the Internet in the country.

While giving an Interview to a Russian newspaper, the deputy chairman of Roskomnadzor agency (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media), Maksim Ksenzov said that: 

“We can block Twitter or Facebook in Russia tomorrow within a few minutes, if at any point we believe that the consequences of ‘switching off’ social networks will be less significant than the damage done to Russian society by the unconstructive position of the leadership of international companies, we will do what we have to under the law.” 

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin carried out an important step towards restricting the once freewheeling internet by signing a law requiring the famous bloggers to register with the federal government.


The Hill reports that in recent weeks, the Russian parliament has imposed new restrictions on bloggers with more than 3,000 Twitter follows and made moves to limit social media sites like Facebook and Skype. Under a new law, the sites would be barred from the country unless they move their servers to Russia and commit to keeping information about Russian users for at least six months.

Earlier, Putin said that Internet is a CIA project, it should be controlled and people should be careful while making Google searches. 

If Russia bans Twitter, it will be following Turkey which banned Twitter last month after alleged government corruption scandal went viral.

Source: The Hill.

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