Fearing Anonymous? Government bans use of Masks in Rio de Janeiro during protests

Brazil-rio-bans-masks- for-protests-guyfawkes

Members of the Rio de Janeiro state voted on Tuesday (September 10th) a bill that prohibits every kind of mask, especially Guy Fawkes Anonymous masks in street protests. Brazilian news site Folha reports that 62 deputies present in Alerj (Legislative Assembly) voted in favor of the text presented on Thursday. Only 12 were against it. [...]

8 ‎Egyptian Ministry Websites Hacked by ‎Anonymous ‎Jordan, asks Anti-Morsi Protesters Few Questions


An Anonymous hacker going with the handle of Anonymous Jordan has hacked and defaced eight (8) Egyptian Ministry websites against the taking down of Muslim Brotherhood’s government few days ago. The targeted websites belong to different high profile government ministries and departments, such as the website of Ministry of Electricity & Energy (www.nrea.gov.eg) Egyptian Ministry of Planning and [...]

Hackers replace FIFA Brazil World Cup Website with Protest Footage


Unknown hackers have hacked and defaced the website of FIFA World Cup in Brazil (http://copaemcuiaba.com.br) with a Youtube video, urging people not to come to Brazil to watch the world cup and showing police brutality over protesters. The main page of FIFA’s website was defaced and replaced with a YouTube video, showing protesters marching, before riot police release tear [...]

Indonesia #TangoDown: Anonymous takes down Ministry of Tourism, Embassy & National Portal website


The Anonymous hackers have attacked some high profile Indonesian government owned websites for two of their operations #OpFreeWildan #FreeAnon.  The websites were taken down as a result of a DDoS attack which was announced by one of Anonymous hacker on his official Twitter account, according to which:  The targeted sites includes Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative [...]