Fearing Anonymous? Government bans use of Masks in Rio de Janeiro during protests

Brazil-rio-bans-masks- for-protests-guyfawkes

Members of the Rio de Janeiro state voted on Tuesday (September 10th) a bill that prohibits every kind of mask, especially Guy Fawkes Anonymous masks in street protests. Brazilian news site Folha reports that 62 deputies present in Alerj (Legislative Assembly) voted in favor of the text presented on Thursday. Only 12 were against it. [...]

#OP7: Anonymous Brazil calls for biggest protest in the history of Brazil on September 7


The online hackavist group Anonymous Brazil has asked Brazilians to join them on 7th September 2013, the country’s independence day in one of the biggest protest against politicians and massive corruption. The protest will be conducted under the tag of ‘#OP7‘ in 140 cities especially against group of politicians involved in stealing massive amount of [...]

#OpGabon: Anonymous hacks, defaces Axa Insurance Group website against its support for Ali Bongo


The online hackavists from Anonymous group are taking #OpGabon to a new level as they have hacked and defaced the official website of a French global investment, retirement, and insurance group AXA (axa-gabon.com) against its support for Gabonese President Ali Bongo. The site was left with a deface page, a message and a YouTube video. The deface message was [...]