#OpIsraelReload: AnonGhost hacks 400 Israeli websites, claims to leak Credit Card details

-Op-Israel-reborn-Anonymous calls on all Muslim hackers for joint attack on US and Israel on September 11

The online hackavist going with the handle of AnonGhost along with TeamR00t have claimed to hack and deface around 400 Israeli websites with claim of leaking credit card details of Israeli citizens under the banner of #OpIsraelReload. Hackers who had planned to target Israeli cyber space on the anniversary of September 11 attacks started defaced […]

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#OP7: Anonymous Brazil calls for biggest protest in the history of Brazil on September 7


The online hackavist group Anonymous Brazil has asked Brazilians to join them on 7th September 2013, the country’s independence day in one of the biggest protest against politicians and massive corruption. The protest will be conducted under the tag of ‘#OP7‘ in 140 cities especially against group of politicians involved in stealing massive amount of […]

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Anonymous VS FBI: Retaliation, leaks data from FBI network, hacks Spanish government over corruption


FBI claims victory over the Anonymous group, this statement has come after a series of arrests from the anonymous group. According to FBI, the last year arrest of 5 members from Lulz security was vital for their command over the anonymous. All the 5 members were key parts of anonymous group and were a threat […]

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Anonymous hacks, leaks emails and passwords of US Congress


Anonymous hackers have claimed to breached the official website of US congress and its mail server (mail.house.gov and senate.gov), as a result around 1800 email addresses along with their passwords have been leaked online. Hackers claim that emails and passwords belong to US Congress and their staff which have been compromised to make it clear on congress […]

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Anonymous Group Targets Hawthorne Police Department For Brutally Shooting Dog


The online hackavist from Anonymous group has targeted the Hawthorne Police department in response to police shooting a man’s rottweiler dog. As reported by authorities, the Hawthorne Police department has taken this threat very seriously and are on high alert when the video of dog’s shooting  went viral just two days ago with more than 4 million hits […]

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#OpGabon: Anonymous Leaks Credentials of Companies for Supporting Gabon Government

#OpGabon Anonymous Leaks Credentials of Companies for Supporting Gabon Government

Online hackavists group Anonymous have breached website of a Gabonese based logistic company Courtage Gabon Logistique (cgl-gabon.com) for supporting the alleged killings of Gabonese youth. Online hackavists group Anonymous had started #OpGabon last month against the alleged killings of children, men and women in Gabon by Ali Bongo Ondimba, a Gabonese politician who has been President of Gabon since October 2009. As […]

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Anonymous Hackers Defaces Their Own Websites for CISPA Blackout

Anonymous Hackers Defaces Their Own Website for Cispa Blackout

We have witnessed how Anonymous hackers attack government websites against its policies, but witnessing Anonymous hacking their own website is something new to experience. Yes, Anonymous hackers have defaced their own websites for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) Blackout, protesting against the law in the United States which would allow for the sharing of Internet traffic information between […]

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Westboro Baptist Church’s Official Facebook Page Hacked by Anonymous

Westboro Baptist Church's Official Facebook Page Hacked by Anonymous

Remember #OpWestBoro where Anonymous hackers had hacked and taken over the official website of Westboro Baptist Church? Well Online hackavists have once again attacked the Westboro Baptist Church, this time they have managed to hack and takeover the official Facebook page of Westboro Baptist Church. The page was hacked yesterday, where contents have been replaced with a combination of images, comments and […]

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