Help The Poor, Help The Homeless: Anonymous Relaunches OpSafeWinter


Anonymous, the famous hacktivists collective, is back again with its most effective non-hacking operation, OpSafeWinter. The outreach operation, which started on 7 November 2013, to provide homeless people with basic necessities like food, warm clothing and camping supplies is back again this year as well. A press release posted on the Pastebin read, “Fellow Anon [...]

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Anonymous Lashes Out at ISIS, calls them Gangsters and Killers


Anonymous, a loose collective of hacktivists, have called Islamic State militants (ISIS) as gangsters who have hijacked Islam and have launched a social media campaign against them, according to reports. Operation Ice Isis, as the campaign is called, aims to protect people who are defenseless, both in the cyber world and the real world. The [...]

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Supporter of Anonymous Hacktivists Hacks Vodafone Egypt Sub-Domains


A hacker going with the handle of ‘Ali El Top’ hacked and defaced two official sub-domains of Vodafone Egypt last Thursday (04/09/2014).  Hacker left a message along with a deface picture of Anonymous hacktivists on sub-domains belonging to Vodafone’s web hosting services for its customers. By looking at the deface message it seems that hacking Vodafone domains was [...]

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Israeli Ministry of Education sub-domain hacked by Pro-Palestinian hackers


The sub-domain of Israeli ministry of education has been hacked and defaced by pro-Palestinian hacking group AnonGhost. Hackers left a deface page along with a image bashing the Zionists. It is unclear what security flaw was used by hackers to upload the deface page on site’s image gallery. Read previous hacks by AnonGhost by clicking here. [...]

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Pakistani State owned PTV Sports channel website hacked to Support Protests


Hacktivists are playing their role in on going political crisis in Pakistan, as a result hackers going with the group handle of Pakistan Haxors Crew hacked and defaced the official website of state owned PTV Sports Channel yesterday against killings and police brutality on protesters. The crew left a deface page along with messages and images criticizing [...]

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OpPakistan: Hackers deface Pakistani govt portal ( to Support Protests

Deface page left by the hackers

Hactivists have decided to play their role in on going political crisis, as a result the official portal of government of Pakistan ( has been hacked and defaced by unknown hackers supporting protesters demanding resignation of prime minister Nawaz Shareef. Hackers  left a deface page along with a message against the government and cracking jokes [...]

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Anonymous to attack Pakistani Govt against police brutality, vows to expose Shareef’s regime


The online hacktivist Anonymous has announced to conduct massive cyber attack on Pakistani government servers against yesterday’s police brutality on unarmed protesters demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef’s resignation in Islamabad, Pakistan.  In an exclusive conversation with one of representative of Anonymous movement, we were told that Anonymous will not let Mr. Shareef and his regime [...]

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Massive Cyber Attack: Anonymous takes down Pakistan Army and Govt websites against Police brutality


The online hacktivist Anonymous has conducted as massive cyber attack on Pakistani government, as a result Pakistani Army and government websites have been taken down against police brutality on protesters in Islamabad, Pakistan. @AnonymousGlobo announced the news on their official Twitter account with the list of sites taken down as a result of DDoS attack. [...]

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