Bangladeshi Hackers defaces 60 Indian websites, declare Cyber War against Border Security Forces


A group of Bangladeshi hackers going with the handle of Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers (BBHH) have hacked and defaced 60 Indian websites, declaring cyber war against Indian Border Security Forces (BSF)’s allege brutality. Hacking contacted me via email in which the reason for starting a cyber war was explained as a form of press release. [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Bangladeshi Armed Forces Media Directorate (ISPR) Website Hacked by Saudi Hacker


A Saudi hacker going with the handle of Security_511 has hacked and defaced the official website of Inter Services Public Relations Directorate (ISPR) under Ministry of Defence, the media cell and spokes-organ of Bangladesh Armed Forces including Army, Air Force and Navy. ( Inter-Services Public Relations (IRPR). The site is left with a deface page along with a message [...]

California’s’ Covina City and Police Department Website Hacked by Bangladeshi 3xp1r3 Cyber Army


A hacker going with the handle of RedX from Bangladeshi based 3xp1r3 Cyber Army has hacked and defaced the official website of California’s Covina City and Police Department website () along with its sub-domain. Hacker left a deface page along with a message on hacked Covina City and Police Department but the reason for targeting site was not mentioned anywhere. The deface [...]

Cyber War: McDonalds Indonesia and 914 Websites Hacked by BD Grey Hat Hackers


Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indonesian hackers is at peak where hackers from both sides are attacking each other’s cyber space, this time the official website of McDonalds Indonesia was hacked and defaced by BD Grey Hat Hackers. The same day a Pakistani hacker aiding Bangladeshi hacker going with the handle of Dr@cul@ had hacked and defaced 914 [...]