370 Israeli Websites Hacked and Defaced by CapoO_TunisiAnoO in Support of Palestine


The famous Tunisian hacker CapoO_TunisiAnoO is back in news by hacking and defacing 370 Israeli websites in support of Palestine. Hacker has left different deface pages with different messages on all sites hacked between 21st Nov to 24th Nov 2013. One of the deface message was expressed in following words:  ‘Israel, we love to smell your fear! [...]

Website of Embassy of Nepal in Israel Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

embassy-of-nepal-website-in-israel-hacked-by CapoO_TunisiAno-2

CapoO_TunisiAnoO, Tunisian based hardcore anti-Israeli hacker has hacked and defaced the official website of Embassy of Nepal (nepalembassy-israel.org) in Tel Aviv, Israel yesterday. The website which is hosted on an Israeli server was left with a deface page along with an anti-Israeli message, threatening Israeli government to get ready for another cyber war on 7th July 2013. The [...]

33 Israeli Websites Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

#OpIsrael 134 Israeli Websites Hacked & Defaced by ReZK2LL Team

The hardcore anti-Israeli hacker from Tunisia going with the handle of CapoO_TunisiAnoO is back, this time after a long gap, the hacker has hacked and defaced 33 Israeli websites. Hacker left a deface page along with a simple message and anti-Israeli song on all of the hacked websites, according to the message “FallaGa-Hacker <= = You Have [...]

#Op_Israel: 107 Israeli websites hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO


The famous Tunisian hacker CapoO_TunisiAnoO has defaced 107 Israeli websites for #Op_Israel, the hack took place two days ago on 10 December, 2012.  The hacker has already hacked more then 6200 Israeli websites in one year, this time CapoO_TunisiAnoO left his deface page, a half Arabic and half English message on all of the hacked websites. According to the deface [...]

ESET Israel & 985 other Israeli websites hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

Star of David

When it comes to hacking, CapoO_TunisiAnoO is known for his hacks against Israel. A Palestinian supporter by heart who only attacks Israeli websites has done it again, this time the hacker has hacked official website of ESET Israel (anti-virus company), along with 985 other Israeli websites. The hacker left his deface page and a message against the state of Israel on [...]