Cyber Crime: UK firms would hire ex-hackers, ex-convicts to secure network.

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UK’s half of the firms are going to hire hackers as their security administrators. This was disclosed in a report by KPMG yesterday. According to the survey carried out by KPMG, whopping 53 percent of the firm owners were found giving affirmative replies to the question “whether or not they will a hacker as their [...]

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Child Pornography Case: Couple Sent to prison for 2,340 years collectively.

File photo of Patricia and Matthew Ayers

In an aftermath of what can be termed as the most disturbing and horrific example of sexual exploitation of a young child, the cruel couple Patricia and Matthew Ayers have been given an extraordinary punishment of 2,340 years behind bars collectively. Man received 750 years while woman received 1,590 years in jail. The couple pleaded [...]

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Silk Road 2.0 proves to be a One-Way ticket to Prison


Silk Road 2.0 proves to be a One-Way ticket to Prison – The “Darknet” black marketplace Seized by FBI & suspected Operator arrested. United States and European law enforcement agencies are on a hunting spree nowadays as around 17 individuals have been arrested so far for their alleged involvement in illegal underground marketplace operations. The website [...]

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Miami health center breach: Personal Data of 8,000 patients stolen


A Miami-based Jessie Trice Community Health Center has told its nearly 8,000 patients that their personal information from the center’s network has been stolen in a massive breach. The stolen data contains full names, social security number and date of birth of 7,800 patients. Annie Neasman, President & CEO of Jessie Trice Community Health Center said the [...]

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Hacker Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Stealing $15 million


Lamar Taylor, 38, a hacker from state of Massachusetts has been sent to prison for 30 months for using stolen data in order to attempt hack attack on business accounts and steel $15 million. He will also pay a fine of $338,649. A press release from justice department shows that Taylor was part of a cyber crime group working [...]

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10-Year-Old Filipino Virtual Girl “Sweetie” Takes Pedophile To Prison In Australia

Sweetie: virtual girl presented itself to pedophiles on the internet as Filipino 10 years old

An Australian citizen Scott Robert Hansen, 37, was sentenced to one year in prison for keeping obscene conversations with children on the internet. Hansen was caught by Sweetie, a ten-year-old Filipino virtual girl. Sweetie is created and operated by Dutch rights group (Terre des Hommes TDH) staff from Amsterdam, Holland. The NGO used cameras and computers to create [...]

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