Racism at It’s Peak: ‘Blacks for sale in $0.42′ online ad sparks outrage in Brazil

Racism 'Blacks for sale in $0.42' online ad sparks outrage in Brazil

Brazil: An online advert on South America’s largest online shopping website (MercadoLivre.com) has put humanity to shame offering “blacks for sale for one Brazilian real” ($0.42). The ad was featuring a photo image of two black kids, suggesting that sold black children can “serve as carpenters, masons, cooks, security guards, nightclub bouncers, janitors, garbage collectors, [...]

Woman Sues Dating Site Claiming She Hurt Her Wrist Creating Fake Profiles of Sexy Ladies


For all those folks who log in to dating sites in order to ‘get a sexy lady’ and blindly trust whoever the found online. Here is a news for you all. Toronto-based Doriana Silva is suing an online dating site Ashley Madison (www.ashleymadison.com) for some serious injuries she sustained during  her job. Silva claims that while working at [...]