Mail Activity Reports Campaign Allows Hackers to Grab Yahoo Credentials.


A new phishing campaign has been instigated to target Yahoo users. This campaign helps hackers take their credentials via hijacking their accounts.  The latest entrant in the violently spreading breed of malicious emails contains messages that easily dodge the email provider’s anti-spam filters and directly lands into the user’s inbox folder. This email appears as […]

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Hackers dip malware into Dairy Queen: Gained access to 600,000 card details


Company revealed a Malware Hack snatched 600,000 credit cards information On Thursday, Dairy Queen, the famous American food chain, announced that their customer data has been leaked due to a malware hack attack. The attack has affected around 395 out of 4,500 branches of its franchises in the US. Information that was hacked contains critical personal information […]

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Pakistani Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Massive ATM Cards Hacking


A Pakistani man identified as Imran Elahi has been sentenced to 18 months in prison by Brooklyn federal court for participating and supporting a multimillion-dollar ATM heists targeting debit card processors. Reuters reports that Imran admitted his role of dispersing debit card numbers to criminals who further cashed out around $9-million (€6.9-million) heist against RBS WorldPay in 2009. The effected MasterCard […]

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Facebook Friendship: 13 year old boy rescued after being kidnapped by a fake Facebook friend

Facebook-Freindship-13-year-old-boy-rescued-after- being-kidnapped-by-a-fake-Facebook-friend

According to police authorities, a teenager in Karachi who was kidnapped by a fake friend on Facebook has been rescued. The kidnapped boy only aged 13 years old and was tempted by the kidnapper to meet him. The criminal gang became his online friend and arranged for a meeting in which he was abducted for […]

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Pakistani Hacker to be Extradited from UK to US Over Hacking

Usman Ahzaz-extradited

A Pakistani student in UK will be extradited to the US from UK over computer hacking allegations stemming from an FBI sting operation.    The 24 years old student identified as Usman Ahzaz, was admitted to a university in Britain in order to get a degree in information systems and computing failed the bid to avoid extradition from Britain to the United Stated. The hacker […]

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