FBI and NYPD teams up for new cyber security task force to bust hackers


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with coalition of The New York Police Department (NYPD) is creating an anti-terrorism task force, not to tackle terrorists but to track and take down hackers. In a statement released by the FBI, its agents will be teaming up with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and NYPD to keep an eye on illegal [...]

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Anonymous Received targets from FBI- New Leaks Reveal Conspiracy.

Image credits: arstechnica.net

The case in which an Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced with ten years in prison has taken an unexpected turn. New leaked documents have exposed crucial details and inconsistencies in the government’s prosecution and has entitles the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s informant Hector Monsegur aka Sabu’s role as suspicious. The information leaked by the documents [...]

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Brad Pitt is making a movie about Anonymous and Steubenville Rape Story


Winners of the Best Picture award ‘12 Years a Slave’, Plan B Entertainment now plans to cinematize the true story of a teen rape and judicial actions against the Anonymous hacker who exposed the rape cover-up. Plan B Entertainment, the company owned by Brad Pitt, has obtained rights to the David Kushner’s article “Anonymous vs. [...]

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Edward Snowden says he is a trained spy not just some system administrator

Image Credit: comicsgrinder.com

In his first ever interview with the U.S. television network, the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden said that he was not some low-level web administrator at the agency but a properly ”trained spy”. During an interview with NBC News Snowden revealed that he had also worked as an undercover agent with pseudo [...]

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FBI may put Anonymous hacker behind bars for 440 years on 44 charges


A Texas man and an alleged member of the famous Anonymous hacktivist group, may face prison up to 440 years in the latest second superseding indictment of cyber assaults charges against him that includes hacking attempts against county, school, and newspaper organizations, says the latest release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Fidel Salinas, [...]

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FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without the indicator light


FBI has formulated some advanced surveillance techniques which enable them to secretly activate web cams for spying on the suspected computer owners. According to a recent publication of the Washington Post, G-men have developed the ability to remotely access cameras which capture real images and transmit them to the investigators. The cameras are accessed without [...]

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