FBI informant ordered LulzSec to Hack British Tabloid ‘The Sun’


The FBI is in the midst of yet another controversy: it aided the Anonymous Lulzsec hacker in attacking the media empire of publisher Rupert Murdoch in 2011. The FBI turned a blind eye to the hacker-turned informant, Hector Xavier Monsegur a.k.a. Sabu, who targeted Murdoch’s media publications in July 2011, reported Motherboard. The sealed documents from [...]

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Fappening 4: Hacked nude photo of Winona Ryder, Erin Heatherton, AnnaLynne McCord, and Nina Dobrev leaked


It seems that hackers are not ready to forgive anyone. According to media reports, new fully nude photos of famous Hollywood celebrities were released on the web on Monday. Among the victims are the actress Winona Ryder, the model Erin Heatherton, actress of the series “90210” 902-100′ AnnaLynne McCord, and Nina Dobrev, who participates in [...]

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Why FBI is so concerned about Apple and Google’s smartphone encryption plans?


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is not happy with Apple and Google for including encryption on their smartphone products, the agency’s director said Thursday. During a meeting with reporters at the HQ, the FBI Director James Comey said he believes that a quick access to a smartphone will let law enforcement save lives in some kidnapping and terrorism cases. [...]

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Newly Proposed Amendment Will Allow FBI to Hack TOR and VPN Users


In order to overcome the dilemma of privacy on internet, FBI has requested an amendment in the Rule 41 of Federal rules of criminal procedure. According to the proposed amendment, FBI will have more control over overseas computer in an attempt to safeguard user’s anonymity in the world of internet. Furthermore, FBI will also enjoy [...]

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FBI and NYPD teams up for new cyber security task force to bust hackers


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with coalition of The New York Police Department (NYPD) is creating an anti-terrorism task force, not to tackle terrorists but to track and take down hackers. In a statement released by the FBI, its agents will be teaming up with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and NYPD to keep an eye on illegal [...]

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Anonymous Received targets from FBI- New Leaks Reveal Conspiracy.

Image credits: arstechnica.net

The case in which an Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced with ten years in prison has taken an unexpected turn. New leaked documents have exposed crucial details and inconsistencies in the government’s prosecution and has entitles the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s informant Hector Monsegur aka Sabu’s role as suspicious. The information leaked by the documents [...]

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