FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without the indicator light


FBI has formulated some advanced surveillance techniques which enable them to secretly activate web cams for spying on the suspected computer owners. According to a recent publication of the Washington Post, G-men have developed the ability to remotely access cameras which capture real images and transmit them to the investigators. The cameras are accessed without [...]

Following NSA’ Footsteps: CIA collects records of money transfers’ for its secret database


If you think its just the National Security Agency (NSA) that pokes its nose in your privacy then you are wrong. American Intelligence Agency CIA is following NSA’s footsteps by collecting information from money-transfer companies especially Western Union, building a database of international money transfer data. CIA collects such information under the shadow of same provision of [...]

FBI to Monitor Online Chats in Real-Time by 2014

FBI to Monitor Online Chats in Real-Time by 2014

The Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t have the ability to monitor everyone’s one-on-one Internet chats in real-time just yet, but the agency’s chief lawyer says all that should soon change. FBI general counsel Andrew Weissman discussed the Justice Department’s power to put pressure on cyber-criminals during an address last week at the National Press Club in Washington, [...]