5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Leaked online, Check Yours Here


Around 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords have been leaked online on a Russian Bitcoin forum last Wednesday. According to reports, the hackers behind this hack are allegedly Russians and the leaked data appears to have been collected via hacking and phishing over a period of time. It has also been observed that the leaked data is outdated and [...]

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Google Image Search Hacked? Search results filled with Russian car crash images


Users witness looking at pictures of Russian car crash regardless of what they searched on Google Images. If someone searched for ‘cat’ the search result came up with a multiple images of the car crash- speculations were that Google Image search result service was hacked. The finding was originally reported by Time Magazine, while searching for an image of [...]

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Researchers show how to hack Gmail with 92% success rate


Security researchers from University of Michigan and the University of California Riverside Bourns College of Engineering have found out a security flaw in Android, Windows, and iOS platforms allowing malicious apps to steal personal information from a smartphone. At the moment the flaw has only been tested on Android phones, but the team is sure that the [...]

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Iranian Hackers Spied on US, Israel and Others Through Fake Facebook Accounts


Iranian hackers snooped on the US, Israel, Britain and other countries through fictitious Facebook accounts and a bogus news website, according to a US-based cyber intelligence firm. ISight Partners, a private Dallas-based company providing intelligence on cyber threats, discovered the operation, NEWSCASTER, which had been going for three long years. The possible targets of the hackers [...]

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Internet is a CIA project, be careful before making Google searches: Putin


Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that Internet is a CIA project and Russians should be careful while making Google searches. While speaking to a group of emerging journalists during a television event on Thursdays, Putin said that Internet was developed by the Central Intelligence Agency as a ‘’special project’’, reported by AFP News. While [...]

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Google admits it’s reading your emails, tells court Gmail users should not expect privacy


Google’s latest update on Monday only highlights how apathetic they are to the privacy of their users and consider every bit of data transmitted through their services (Google plus, YouTube) as part of ‘fair game.’ The ‘fair game’ constitutes, When you upload, or otherwise submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, [...]

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