Cops are hating New Apple and Google Smartphones due to their encryption.


The police dislike Apple and Google’s latest smartphones because of their high-end encryption, according to a senior FBI official. “Encryption threatens to lead all of us to a very dark place. Justice may be denied because of a locked phone or an encrypted hard drive,” said James Comey, FBI Director, in a speech last month. […]

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How Gmail ID Can Be Hacked Despite Having Google’s Two-Factor Authentication On


The Two-factor authentication is believed to prevent Gmail accounts from getting hacked. But what happened with indie developer Grant Blakeman shows how two-factor authentication can be beaten to takeover a Gmail account.  Writing on the newly emerging social media site Ello, Blackman revealed how hackers hacked his Instagram account through his Gmail account. Despite the fact he was using two-factor authentication, the hackers were […]

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Login with Google’ New USB Device and Keep Your Gmail Secure

This is the device which will be used to login in to Gmail

Google goes for Security Key- A Simplified Version of its Two-Factor Authentication. Logging in to Gmail will become a lot easier now since Google has officially endorsed Security Key. Security Key is an open standard which will allow users to log-in to their accounts using an attachable physical device. The device will be shaped like […]

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Hostile to Privacy: Snowden Urges users to Get Rid of Dropbox, Facebook and Google


Web users must immediately get rid of Dropbox and other such services. Edward Snowden has stated that Dropbbox and similar other services are “hostile to privacy” and has urged that users need to abandon these kind of unencrypted communication modes. Snowden further added that web users should adjust their privacy settings so that spying acts from […]

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