Indian Information Technology Minister Website hacked by Anonymous India


The official website of Indian information technology minister Kapil Sibal was hacked and defaced by Anonymous India for #OpIndia few hours ago.  The group breached the site and defaced its constituency page, leaving an image portraying Kapil Sibal as  a man who considers freedom dangerous and harmful to the growth of the country.  The deface also insulted the [...]

216 Indian Websites hacked by Hcrack2 of Sharp-Cyber Group

The never ending cyber war between Pakistani and Indian hackers continue as 216 Indian websites got hacked by hcrack2 of Sharp-cyber group from Pakistan, this Friday. One of the important thing in yesterday’s hack is that ( Bharatiya Janata Party)  BJP’s website is also among the list of hacked websites. BJP is one of the two major political parties in India, the [...]

‎103+ Indian Sites Hacked ,Including Universities By Zhc Miscreant and Zhc Milan Milo

Zhc Miscreant and Zhc Milan Milo of Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) have striked back by hacking more then 103 Indian websites, including Universities, colleges, Forex and religious websites. The crew also left their deface message on all the hacked websites in support of freedom movement in Kashmir. Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation. [...]

High Commission of India in London Hacked by Ethical BD HaXor


It seems as if there is no chance of peace between Indian and Bangladeshi hackers, as the website of High Commission of India in London was hacked by Ethical BD HaXor from Bangladesh, earlier this morning. Target : Mirror: At the time this article was written, High Commission website was showing following error: This website [...]