300 Indian Websites Hacked & Defaced by [IN]SecInjection

IN]SecInjection hacker

A hacker going with the handle of [IN]SecInjection has hacked and Defaced 300 Indian websites yesterday. It seems the hacker is from Latin America, as the sites are left with a deface page along with a message in Portuguese language, according to which “Hackeado por [IN]SecInjection , Conectando.. Login:  [IN]SecInjection..Password: *****, Server:~ root# , R3MW Hertz aceeeeeeeer.” […]

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43 Indian Websites Including Mizoram State Government site hacked by Dr@cul@

43 Indian Websites including Mizoram State Government site hacked by Dr@cul@

A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of Dr@cul@ along with his Bangladeshi companions have hacked 44 Indian websites, including the official website of India’s Mizoram State website. The hacker who contacted me via email explained that he is a Pakistani who believes in unity among Muslims and that’s the reason he has been working for Bangladeshi hackers against the Indian […]

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10,000 Indian Government and Military Emails Hacked


India’s government and military organisations have faced one of the most devastating and worst cyber attacks in the nation’s history when 10,000 emails from top government ministries and military officials were hacked, ignoring the earlier warning from National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (India’s Cyber Security Agency) about upcoming cyber attacks.  The compromised IDs belong to the officials working […]

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More 53 Websites Hacked by By ZHC BlackOne HaXor of Z Company Hacking Crew

Yesterday the hacked 61 Indian websites, today they hacked more 53 Indian websites for Kashmir cause. Leaving their deface page and message on all of the hacked websites. Deface message: Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation. . . . ” Indian Penal Code Act No. 45 of 1860) CHAPTER-II SEC 18: […]

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161 Indian Websites hacked by Pak Cyber Pyrates

Pak Cyber Pyrates have hacked over 200 Indian websites, leaving their deface page on all of the websites. Websites were hacked for Kashmir cause, according to PCP. Links of hacked websites: http://pastebin.com/ZUagAkkJ Hacked By Cyb3r0ck3r & No-Swear WE ARE: Cyb3r0ck3r NoSwear BraveWIKI XXx_Death_xXX MINDY Shadow008 D3V!L-3Y3 Alert : !!Security Take Down!! A Message For You: Kashmir […]

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2300+ Indian websites hacked including government and online channels websites by Muslim Liberation Army (MLA)


Muslim Liberation Army (MLA) known for its high profile website hacking is back with a bang, this time the MLA has hacked over 2300 Indian websites including top government portals and online news/TV channels websites. All sites were defaced by XtReMiSt hacker from MLA. Hackers left following deface message on all the hacked websites: Security Compromised by XtReMiSt Free […]

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50+ Indian Websites Hacked By P@KhTuN~72 & Sizzling Soul


Over 50+ Indian websites have been hacked and defaced by P@KhTuN~72 & Sizzling Soul from Pakistan, leaving their deface page on the website with Pakistani National Anthem music in back ground. (((((((I Am A Pakistani Soldier))))))) Always Serve & Ready To Die~=[Special Greetings]=~| $P@RK | Khattak Brothers |P@KhTuN~72|| Mast3r M!nd | imagineocta | Princess | […]

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