iOS 8 Safari Browser on iPhone and iPad Can Read Your Credit Card Details


Your iPad or iPhone’s camera has become immensely powerful after the emergence of iOS 8 Safari’s new version. Its most astounding feature is that you can use it for scanning your credit card details through camera to make payments online. Ensuing Apple’s WWDC keynote released at the start of this week, various supplementary iOS 8 [...]

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Attackers compromised Apple IDs, asked for Ransom Amount


Apple is famous for iPhone and Smartphone fingerprint technology. Before couple of days, Apple was in controversy with its expired SSL Certificate issue. Now, Apple users from Australia and New Zealand have been a victim of attackers. Users’ Apple IDs were compromised by attackers and been asked for ransom money. Attackers use the name of Oleg [...]

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New Facebook App Knows What You’re Listening and Watching


Apparently, Facebook will be tracking you more closely than ever through iPhones and Android devices. The new Shazam-like music ID feature, called audio recognition, will automatically recognize the song you are listening to or the TV show you are watching and update it on your Facebook status, according to The Verge. It further reports that, [...]

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How ANGRY BIRDS Game App is Sharing Your Personal Data with NSA: Proved by Researchers


Mobile applications collecting personal data of users in one form or the other is no more a stunning news. The Snowden documents only confirmed that smartphone applications such as Angry Birds had been colluding with the NSA in handing over the personal information about their users. HackRead reported earlier how the leaky applications of mobile [...]

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Obama: I am not allowed to use iPhone for ‘security reasons’


Wednesday: I am not allowed to use iPhone for security reason: President Barak Obama. President Barak Obama has given an unusual statement during a meeting with American youth in order to promote his healthcare law in which he revealed that due to ‘security reasons’, he is not allowed to use Apple‘s iPhone yet he still uses  iPad , Apple’s tablet [...]

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Couple in China ‘Sell’ Their Baby Daughter to Buy iPhone


A couple in Shanghai city of China is facing criminal charges for selling their infant daughter on an online forum in order to buy an iPhone.  The couple is facing charges for human trafficking after putting their child online for adoption and accepting money to buy newly released iPhone. The investigators have found out that mother [...]

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U.S. Senator asks if FBI can get iPhone 5S fingerprint data via Patriot Act


Since Senator. Al- Franken has become of part of the United States Senate, he has been the Chairman of Senate Judiciary Subcommittee which deals with issues related to Privacy, Technology and the Law. He has been quite clear in his stance which has been to raise and address the questions related to surveillance and technology [...]

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