Most Sophisticated Malware Campaign Targeting Diplomats, iPhones, Android, and PC.


Researchers from Blue Cat Labs are calling it the Inception attack framework, in reference to the movie “Inception” where a thief entered people’s dreams and stole secrets from their subconscious. They are also describing it as one of the most sophisticated attacks they have ever seen. That, in itself, is saying a lot for the […]

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FBI couldn’t bypass iPhone 6 encryption, but this 7-yr-old did.

Abstract 3D illustration.

Meet the Clever 7-year-old who Dodged iPhone 6 Plus Biometric Technology. Harrison Green, a witty 7-year-old boy, unlocked his father’s iPhone 6 Plus easily adopting a very simplistic method of Touch ID. How he did it? He sneaked into his father’s room while he was asleep and pressed his dad’s finger on the cellphone’s Touch […]

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Masque Attack – New iOS Vulnerability can replace apps, steal your data


Yet another security flaw has been discovered in iOS devices, according to a report by a security research firm. It is dangerous than WireLurker. FireEye, a California based security research firm, has discovered a new  vulnerability in the Apple’s iOS that allows any malicious malware to replace its genuine applications if installed using a third-party or […]

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WireLurker: Apple Malware Infecting Mac and iPhone via USB


Apple is usually known for its top notch security but a US-based cyber security software developer ‘Palo Alto Networks’ discovered a new malware targeting Apple products such as iPhone, iPad (iOS) and MAC (OS X). The name of this malware is “WireLurker.” It installs malicious third-party apps on iPads and iPhones targeting users in China, […]

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Court: Police may demand fingerprint to unlock iPhone but cannot demand security passcode.


Dubai – Here is a noteworthy news for our readers using Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Steven C. Frucci, a Circuit Court judge in Virginia has stated that police can now force criminal defendants to provide their fingerprints, but at the same time police can’t force the defendant to reveal their passcode. The reason is because passcode is […]

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Celebrity Nude Photos: Google threatened with $100 million (£62 million) lawsuit


Reportedly the search engine giant Google has been threatened with legal action by the Celebs who got their nude photos leaked on the Internet. Those celebrities whose photographs were involved in the photo hacking scandal are now threatening Google with a worth $100million lawsuit. Celebs believe that the search engine didn’t take adequate measures to prevent […]

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Hacker Leaks Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard and Gabrielle Union Nude Photos Online


It’s time for Drake to get pissed because nude pictures of Rihanna have been leaked online by unknown hacker. Yes! Rihanna is now also among the list of celebrities who had their nude phones hacked and leaked by hackers after allegedly hacking her phone. The images have not been confirmed yet, however, one of the fully naked picture […]

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Possible iCloud accounts hacking: Nude Photos of 98 Hollywood Celebrities leaked online


An unknown hacker has hacked and leaked nude pictures of 100+ high profile Hollywood celebrities on Sunday. The nude photos are available on 4chan’s /b/ board. Many of the affected celebrities have confirmed the authenticity of leaked pictures where some call it fake and some have accepted that the leaked images are real.  Security experts are warning […]

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