WikiLeaks exposes chats and list of countries being spied through FinFisher


WikiLeaks has exposed secret conversation and list of countries who had their citizens being spied by their own governments through German based Gamma Group International’ FinFisher spyware. In a series 4 of SpyFiles documents, WikiLeaks published that Slovakia, Mongolia, Qatar, South Africa, Bahrain, Pakistan, Estonia, Vietnam, Australia, Belgium, Nigeria, Netherlands, Singapore, Bangladesh, Italy, Hungary, Bosnia revealed to be [...]

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5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Leaked online, Check Yours Here


Around 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords have been leaked online on a Russian Bitcoin forum last Wednesday. According to reports, the hackers behind this hack are allegedly Russians and the leaked data appears to have been collected via hacking and phishing over a period of time. It has also been observed that the leaked data is outdated and [...]

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Possible iCloud accounts hacking: Nude Photos of 98 Hollywood Celebrities leaked online


An unknown hacker has hacked and leaked nude pictures of 100+ high profile Hollywood celebrities on Sunday. The nude photos are available on 4chan’s /b/ board. Many of the affected celebrities have confirmed the authenticity of leaked pictures where some call it fake and some have accepted that the leaked images are real.  Security experts are warning [...]

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U.S. Military Bans ‘The Intercept’ Website for Publishing Secret Documents


The U.S. military has banned and blocked Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps from visiting The Intercept Media website for publishing highly classified documents including Edward Snowden‘s NSA leaks. Ryan Gallagher of The Intercept reports that this step has been taken in order to stop military officials from reading news reports/leaks exposing government secrets. An email sent to U.S. Marine Corps: [...]

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Homeland Security contractor hacked, Govt Employee Data Stolen

AFP Photo

Homeland Security’s main contractor in trouble- Crucial personal information likely stolen in a Cyber-attack Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s key contractors states that due to a “state-sponsored” cyber-attack personal information of several government employees has been leaked/stolen. As a response, DHS has put all works on hold with this contractor and FBI is investigating the [...]

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Government Spyware Company Gamma’s FinFisher Hacked, Top Secret Documents Leaked


Spyware for government product FinFisher’s supremacy proven by leaked documents A series of docs have been leaked informing about the effectiveness and operations of FinFisher. FinFisher is a surveillance platform which was sold to governmental institutions and law enforcing agencies by the German based Gamma group. The slick and highly secret surveillance software can remotely control any [...]

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Vulnerability in Mozilla Database Exposed Thousands of Emails and Passwords


About 76,000 emails and 4000 encrypted passwords of users were exposed for a month after a security flaw in the database of the Mozilla Developer Network, the MDN. According to a statement on Mozilla blog, the problem was discovered ten days ago, when a developer company itself found that a process of data cleaning was failing. This error [...]

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Snowden Leaks Documents on NSA Intelligence Relationship with Israel

In his latest leak, ex-NSA tech Snowden has revealed that chaos which has taken over the Middle East is the result of the cash and support granted by the US to Israel. The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald further writes that Obama is merely pretending to be ‘helpless’.  Another document reveals Israel was flagged as top spy threat [...]

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