Mississippi State University Hacked, 929 User Accounts Leaked by @Gevolus

brazilian-cyber-army-Mississippi State University-hacked

@Gevolus from Brazilian Cyber Army hacked into the server of Mississippi State University’s sub-domain (veterans.msstate.edu) and left with posting confidential login information of university’s staff and students.  The hacker contacted us with his major breach inside the university’s server in which total 929 login information of  users was pasted on Pastebin. The data contains admission details, usernames, addresses, emails […]

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Preston University Pakistan hacked, over 700 login details leaked by @VenomSec

A hacker who is famously known by the handle of @VenomSec has made an announcement that official website of Preston University has been hacked and database leaked online. The hack was announced on the hacker’s official Twitter account in @VenomSec has reviled that the site has poor security and contains a week password. The password for […]

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200+ Universities Hacked and Thousands of Accounts Leaked for #ProjectWestWind

Few hours ago @TeamGhostShell announced a huge hack on their Twitter account, the hack basically contains thousands of leaks coming from hacked educational websites from all over the world. The hackers hacked over 200 universities and other educational websites, leaking their data online. The size and quantity of the leaked data is so much that it […]

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BlackMarket Credit Card Dealer website Hacked & Data leaked by Hex000101

A website known for its BlackMarket Credit Card deals has been hacked and data has been leaked by  Hex000101. According to CyberNewsWarInfo, ” The attack was first announced a few days ago on the 25th when hex posted a pastebin link with the claimed websites owners information as well as some emails and proof of the coming […]

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84,000 Telecommunication Network accounts leaked by c0mrade

New emerging hacker by the name of cOmrade has leaked over 84,000 telecommunication login accounts from Spain and Mexico. The hacker claimed that he has full control over the telecommunication database and can create new account as well as delete the existing accounts. According to the cOmarde hacker, this attack was a man-in-middle attack, which allowed him to […]

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Bangladesh Stock Market Hacked By Teamgreyhat


Newly raised “Hacktivists” of India’s Teamgreyhat have scored a major hit on the on going Cyber war between Bangladesh and India by hacking Bangladesh Stock Exchange website along with several other major financial sites of the country, including the official sites of the Bangladesh Corporate & Business Sector. Hackers have also leaked the database on Mediafire along with […]

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Over 236,351 Login Credentials From Polish Forum Gram24 Leaked by Abu Nazir hacker


Confidential login credential of Polish’s online forum has been leaked by Abu Nazir Hacker. The same guy who leaked over 12,000 accounts from Vista.pl. This time it was Polish online gaming, movies and photo gallery forum Gram24.pl that was attacked by the hacker, Polish forum is well know for its services. Approximately 236, 351 accounts were accessed via the company’s database. Complete list […]

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Indian Navy Officers private details leaked by Bangladeshi black hat hackers


Bangladeshi black hat hackers have leaked private details of an Indian Navy Officers today. BBHH famous for its hacks for on going cyber war between Bangladesh and Indian hackers hacked into a defense server that contained sensitive information and confidential details of defense and armed forces personals. Hackers from BBHH Optïmus Black Burn , BD XTOR, BACK BONE, OJANAKEW have posted the […]

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