National Portal of India Hacked by Z Company Hacking Crew in Support of Kashmir


The online hacktivists from Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) have hacked two official domains of National portal of India and left messages against Indian occupation over Kashmir.  One of the hacked domain is designated for mobile users (, while other domain belongs to the site’s content ( Though the sites were partially hacked and no deface page [...]

Z Company Hacking Crew Defaces 2 ‘Billabong International’ Domains against Drone Strikes in Pakistan


The online hacktivists from Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) have hacked and defaced 2 official sub-domains of Australian based Billabong International Limited against drone CIA led drone strikes over Pakistani soil. Z Company hackers have left a deface page along with a message on both hacked domains against NATO and drone strikes on Pakistan. The deface message was [...]

Google Morocco and Google Saint Helena Hacked by ZombiE_KsA of PakBugs


It happened few days ago but its worth posting, the famous hackers going with the handle of ZombiE_KsA, Agd_Scorp and Z3r0Byt3 from PakBugs collectively hacked and defaced three official Google domains. One from Saint Helena and two of Google Morocco.  Google Morocco was hacked on 2013/01/22 and Google Saint Helena on 2013/01/29. The hackers left their deface page along [...]

10 Bangladeshi Ministry Websites Hacked & Defaced by Mauritania HaCker Team

Muritania-attacker-team-Bangladeshi Ministries-hacked

The well known Mauritania Hacker Team is back with a bang by hacking and defacing 10 Bangladeshi government owned websites yesterday.  The hacked websites belongs to high profile Bangladeshi ministries, such as National Museum of Science & Technology, Ministry of Social Welfare, Government owned Eastern Tubes Ltd site, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s Office of [...]

The End of TeamP0isoN: TeaMp0isoN Announces Its Shutdown

World renowned hackavist group TeaMp0isoN has announces to finish its hackavist journey and shutdown the group forever. The announcement was made by one of the member of TeaMp0isoN on their official Twitter account and later a good bye message was also posted on pastebin. TeaMp0isoN has appreciated people’s support all the way, no matter if the times were good or hard. However it [...]

Trick of TeaMp0isoN Jailed for leaking Tony Blair’s address book

Trick aka Junaid Hussain, famous hacker from TeaMp0isoN has been jailed for stealing and posting personal details of former British PM Tony Blair on the internet. Junaid Hussain, who is 18 years old British Pakistan from Birmingham, hacked into the personal Gmail account of the former Prime Minister’s special adviser Katy Kay using an ID ‘Trick”. According [...]