UK Police website hacked for OpFreeAssange & login details leaked

Online hackavists are not giving up, they are angry and annoyed with the way WikiLeaks founder has been treated. In support of WikiLeaks founder, the hackers have started an online operation to free Julian Assange by the name of ”OpFreeAssange”. Keeping up with the OpFreeAssange, The Anonymous hackers have hacked the official website of Hertfordshire Police UK few hours ago. The [...]

Trick of TeaMp0isoN Jailed for leaking Tony Blair’s address book

Trick aka Junaid Hussain, famous hacker from TeaMp0isoN has been jailed for stealing and posting personal details of former British PM Tony Blair on the internet. Junaid Hussain, who is 18 years old British Pakistan from Birmingham, hacked into the personal Gmail account of the former Prime Minister’s special adviser Katy Kay using an ID ‘Trick”. According [...]

FBI Arrests 24 hackers from eight different countries as Part of International Cyber Crime Takedown

FBI Assistant Director in Charge on Cyber crime branh, along with Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has announced that the Beuro has arrested 24 hackers from eight different countries around the world.  According to Preet Bharara, ”this was the largest coordinated international law enforcement action in history directed at “carding” crimes—offenses in which the Internet is used to [...]

Massive Israeli Government Dox by PirateCr3w

PirateCr3w has leaked massive data on Israel, the leaked data belongs to top Israeli government websites Including Prime Minister Office of Israel, Pro Israel, Israel Science Dept, & Scientology Organization. PirateCr3w posted their Bio on Pastebin  for better understanding of what they are doing and why. According to the group: Hello We are PirateCr3w and here is a little about [...]