TurkHackTeam celebrates Turkey’s Victory Day by hacking 350 websites

TurkHackTeam celebrates Turkey's Victory Day by hacking 350 websites-2

The online Turkish hackavists from Turk Hack Team have hacked and defaced 250 random websites from all over the world in a collective attack to celebrate Turkey‘s 91st Victory day. Team left a deface page along with a message on all hacked websites, sending greetings to everyone on Turkey’s 91st Victory day on 30th of [...]

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#OpEgypt: Websites of Pizza Hut Spain and Malta hacked, client details leaked by Turkish Hackers


In a collective cyber attack conducted by Turkish hackers from Turkish Ajan hacker group the official websites of world renowned fast food chain Pizza Hut designated for Spain and Malta have hacked and redirected to their archives. The hack was announced by hackers via their official Twitter account earlier today along with a link where leaked data was uploaded. However, the [...]

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1600 Websites hacked by TurkHackTeam against Chinese Uyghur Muslims Massacre


Turkish hackers from Turk Hack Team have hacked and defaced more then 1600 websites against alleged killings of Uyghur Muslims in China. All sites were left with deface pages along with different deface messages, protesting against the Chinese government for conducting massacre against Chinese based Uyghur Muslims. One of the deface message was expressed in following words: [...]

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Official Sony Electronics Italy Website Breached, 40k accounts leaked by Turkish Ajan Hackers


The well known Turkish hackers from Turkish Ajan hacking group have hacked into the official website of Sony Electronics (web.sony.it) designated for Italy, as a result a total 41,458 user account details have been leaked online just a moment ago. The group contacted me on Twitter, claiming to breach the official Sony Electronic site and [...]

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