Microsoft takes over Nokia’s Cell Phone Business in $ 7 Billion: what will be the effect on Microsoft’s shares and revenues?


Microsoft Corporation has entered into a $7 Billion agreement with Nokia purchasing its cell phones and devices business. The deal which will meet its completion by the end of 2014’s first quarter was officially announced via a press release on 3rd September 2013. Under the terms that have been stipulated in the agreement, Microsoft will [...]

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Laptop Review


Samsung series 5 ultra touch is the first windows 8 ultrabook laptop. It’s a wonderful laptop, which is the first one specifically designed for Microsoft’s new operating system i.e. Windows 8. The laptop isn’t as aerodynamic as the series 9′s laptops, but, it’s not more less then it. It has an aluminum and fiberglass exterior and is really thin [...]

Microsoft’s India store hacked, usernames & passwords leaked by Chinese hackers


Chinese hacking group called Evil Shadow Team has hacked and leaked usernames & passwords of Microsoft India on Sunday night. Logins details belong to people who use to shop online on Microsoft Indian’s website. It has been reveled that the login details were stored without any password or encryption in a plain text file.   According to, Evil Shadow Team [...]