This Guy is Deaf but His Hacked Hearing Aids Let Him Listen to Wi-Fi Sounds.


Wearable technology is most often associated with smart-watches and smart glasses, but one man in the UK has hacked his own hearing aid to tune in to the sounds of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Frank Swain, the co-founder of Phantom Terrains, uses a smartphone app to translate the characteristics of wireless networks, such as their name […]

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Hackers Stole Secret MH370 Related Data from Malaysian Investigators


A handful of secret documents that contain confidential information and data regarding the investigation of the disappeared Malaysian flight MH370 have been hacked. The attack is reportedly a targeted phishing act and the perpetrators, who apparently are of Chinese origin, have gained access to a trove of secret material. Around 30 computers got affected in […]

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Ohio State’ Government Portal Hacked by Anonymous Supporter


A hacker going with the handle of Rajol Hazin has hacked and defaced the official sub-domain of Ohio State’ Government belonging Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. The hacker seems to be an Arabic speaker and a supporter of online hacktivists Anonymous, as the domain was left with a deface page showing official logo of Anonymous hacktivists.  The deface page […]

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WSJ Facebook Page Hacked With Fake Air Force One Crash Over Russia News


The official Facebook page of Wall Street Journal Newspaper was found hacked early Sunday morning where hackers made two fakes posts; one about the crashing of US Air Force One Plane in Russia and second about U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to address the nation in next 15 minutes. One of the exclusive screenshot we took was about 5 […]

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Official Manila City, Philippines Web Portal hacked by Turkish hackers

Deface image left by Turkish hackers

Two Turkish hackers going with the handle of VirtuaL & DARKWAR2 have hacked and defaced the official web portal of Manila City, Philippines. Hackers left a deface page along with a message on hacked web portal, showing anti-Israeli, anti-American and anti-Saudi image. Yet, hacking Philippine’s government portal and leaving message against countries at the other of the globe is […]

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Exclusive: Linkin Park official Facebook Page Hacked! Spammed with adverts


In an exclusive report we are updating that the official verified Facebook fan page of  famous rock band Linkin Park (LP) with 62,616,278 fans ( has been hacked by unknown hacker and spamming vulgar images with links. It seems as if the page was hacked a couple of hours ago where hacker started posting links […]

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eBay Hacked; 128 Million Users Asked to Change Passwords


eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) has confirmed yesterday on its blog that it experienced one of the biggest criminal cyberattacks ever and has requested its users to change their passwords. “Changing passwords is a best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users,” said the blog. The hackers compromised a small number of employee log-in […]

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AOL Accounts Hacked: Email Addresses, Passwords, Home Addresses Swiped


The AOL website has confirmed a security breach that could have compromised AOL users’ sensitive personal information such as email passwords, postal addresses, and answers to security questions on Monday. AOL is investigating the breach, which initially started once they noticed a significant increase in amount of spam, as spoof emails, from the AOL mail […]

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