Google Search: Reunion Advert Touches Emotions in India, Pakistan; Goes Viral [Watch VIDEO]


An emotional Google Search advertisement has become a massive hit in both India and Pakistan, talking about a reunion of two best friends, now elderly men, who lived together before sub-continent’s partition in 1947  from the old British empire. The Google Search Reunion ad shows how the two friends were able to meet each other after more [...]

We never share info with NSA, you can still use internet anonymously: Country Director of Google in Brazil

Chinese Hackers who breached Google in 2010, gained access to massive Spy Data US officials

You can still browse anonymously on the internet and the perception that our emails are being spied is ”wrong”, says Fabio Coelho, Country Director of Google in Brazil. The internet giant was among the companies criticized recently after reports published by British newspaper The Guardian – based on documents leaked by former CIA technician Edward Snowden [...]