Alert: Tor Browser app in the Apple Store is fake, spreading Malwares and Spywares! Do not download!


Tor Browser app in the Apple app store is fake and have been found spreading adware and spywares. According to the official website of Tor Browser, the Browser app available in Apple store on iTunes is fake and has nothing to do with the official version. The developers of Tor said that: Tor Browser in the Apple [...]

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Vulnerability in WhatsApp Allows Hackers To Read Your Conversation and View Media


Bad news for WhatsApp users on Android. If you chat on WhatsApp, it’s time to be careful and avoid getting too private. An IT security expert Bas Bosschert has discovered a critical vulnerability, allowing another Android apps to access and read all of a user’s chat conversations.   So how and what happens: When you allow WhatsApp to [...]

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iPhone 5 NSA Commercial (Great Video)


There are a lot of conspiracy theories over new iPhone and its connections with the National Security Agency (NSA). No one knows the reality yet but to make things suspicious, NYPD was caught asking iPhone users to upgrade their phones to new iOS 7. Last month, a group of online activists from JoyCamp created a video [...]

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Couple in China ‘Sell’ Their Baby Daughter to Buy iPhone


A couple in Shanghai city of China is facing criminal charges for selling their infant daughter on an online forum in order to buy an iPhone.  The couple is facing charges for human trafficking after putting their child online for adoption and accepting money to buy newly released iPhone. The investigators have found out that mother [...]

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FISA Court in action: USA to Google, Facebook, Microsoft: No, you can’t tell users we’re spying on them


A motion has been filed today with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by the U.S Department of Justice. This motion is basically filed for opposing the Tech companies that want to tell users of such companies that their data is being spied by the government. The government in its briefing to the court has said [...]

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Apple Allegedly Admits: iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA


The following report was taking from an independent news source, original report is available @ National Report. We at HackRead do not take responsibility of authenticity for this news.   As technology is getting more and more sophisticated, users are showing more and more concerns about their privacy issue. They want their gadgets to be [...]

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U.S. Senator asks if FBI can get iPhone 5S fingerprint data via Patriot Act


Since Senator. Al- Franken has become of part of the United States Senate, he has been the Chairman of Senate Judiciary Subcommittee which deals with issues related to Privacy, Technology and the Law. He has been quite clear in his stance which has been to raise and address the questions related to surveillance and technology [...]

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Fake ‘Waterproof iPhone’ ad tricks users into iOS7 Update and Destroy their smartphones

fake-waterproof-iphone-ad-tricks-users-into-destroying-their-smartphones-2 (1)

Yesterday I updated you with NYPD’s activity where it was found running a campaign, asking users to upgrade their iPhone and iPads to newly released iOS7. Now An advert has gone viral, asking Apple users to update their iPhones to newly released iOS 7 in order to make their devices fully waterproof but according to reports [...]

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