Hackers target U.S Govt: City of DuBois, Pennsylvania website Hacked for Palestine


A Moroccan hacker going with the handle of ‘MaeSTro-GhoL’ has hacked and defaced the official website of City of DuBois, Pennsylvania in solidarity with Palestine. The site was hacked just few  hours ago where hackers left a deface page along with a message in text and a YouTube video in support of Palestine. The hack was conducted under the banner of #‎GazaUnderAttack‬ ‪#‎PrayForGaza‬ ‪#‎AJAGAZA‬ [...]

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Hackers Stole Secret MH370 Related Data from Malaysian Investigators


A handful of secret documents that contain confidential information and data regarding the investigation of the disappeared Malaysian flight MH370 have been hacked. The attack is reportedly a targeted phishing act and the perpetrators, who apparently are of Chinese origin, have gained access to a trove of secret material. Around 30 computers got affected in [...]

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Hackers Sending Fake Ebola Virus reports in emails with Malware and Phishing Links


A new malicious campaign has been identified by security researchers spreading fake news about the Ebola virus, in order to redirect users to phishing websites and delivering Malware. Symantec has reported three Malware operations and a phishing campaign using the Ebola virus as a social engineering theme. 1. The first phishing campaign shows that cybercriminals are [...]

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Ukraine Government Offices bugged with Spyware by Russia


The computers of Ukrainian prime minister and those installed at the embassies of its Eastern Europe allies have been bugged by Snake, a spying tool associated with Moscow. “Sensitive diplomatic information has been made available to the perpetrators of the attack as a result,” explains the report on this incident published in the Financial Times. [...]

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Anonymous to conduct cyber attack on Ferguson PD for shooting unarmed teen

Michael Brown's step-father, Louis Head.

The hacktivist group Anonymous is set to launch a massive cyber attack on Ferguson Police Department against shooting and killing of an unarmed 17 yr old teen Mike Brown on 9th August 2014. In order to deliver their message to public Anonymous has released a press release along with a video message on YouTube, explaining why the [...]

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Moroccan hackers hack Saratoga County, New York website against Israeli bombings


The famous Moroccan hackers going with the handle of Moroccan Agent Secret have hacked and defaced U.S. government owned Saratoga County, New York website under the banner of #OpSaveGaza.  Hackers left a deface page along with a message on hacked county website, showing images of Palestinian children wounded as a result of Israeli bombing. The message in text [...]

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Homeland Security contractor hacked, Govt Employee Data Stolen

AFP Photo

Homeland Security’s main contractor in trouble- Crucial personal information likely stolen in a Cyber-attack Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s key contractors states that due to a “state-sponsored” cyber-attack personal information of several government employees has been leaked/stolen. As a response, DHS has put all works on hold with this contractor and FBI is investigating the [...]

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