Chinese Govt Hackers Launch Man-In-Middle Attack Against iCloud.


Reportedly the man-in-middle attack on Apple’s iCloud service was launched by Chinese Government It has been reported by, a team that monitors censorship for Chinese government’s Great Firewall, i.e., their national firewall system, that China has used the system in a bid to launch the man-in-the-middle attack on China’s iCloud users. The attack was [...]

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India’s Ludhiana City Rural Police Website Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Deface page

The never ending cyber war between Indian and Pakistani hackers is at its peak again. Earlier Indian hackers defaced the official website of Pakistan People’s party and today, a Pakistani hacker going with the handle of Virkid from MadLeets hacking crew has hacked and defaced the official website of Ludhiana Rural Police. Hacker left a deface page along with [...]

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The Fappening: Hacked Nude Photos of Actress Keke Palmer Leaked Online


Fappening continues to Haunt Celebs: Keke Palmer is its latest Victim – ‘Cinderlla’ star’s alleged nude photos leaked in an apparent hack attack. The “Cinderella” of Broadway Keke Palmer is apparently the latest victim of The Fappening spree. Bustle reported that the actress’s nude photos have been leaked online. However, Palmer is yet to publicly [...]

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#OpHK: Anonymous Takes Down Chinese Government Websites, Leaks Data


In support of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, the online hacktivist Anonymous previously announced ‘Operation Hong Kong’ against the government and its supporters. Now the group has taken down high profile Chinese government websites and leak hundreds of IP addresses, email address, passwords and phone numbers. The two main servers targeted by Anonymous belong to a job [...]

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Bahraini Government Hacked their activists in UK with FinFisher Software


Bahraini Activists Target UK Spyware Firm claiming it assisted their Govt in Hacking. UK police to investigate the alleged hacking of Bahraini expat’s computers. When Mohammad “Moosa” Abd-Ali Ali looked down at his Facebook account history in his phone, he immediately sensed something was wrong. It was 2011, a time when Arab Spring was underway. [...]

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Jennifer Lawrence nude photos: Actress’s Wikipedia page edited with nude images


It seems there is no way out for actress Jennifer Lawrence. After embarrassment on 4chan, the celebrity’s Wikipedia page was edited by unknown user and spammed with her nude images yesterday. A feminist blog Jezebel reports that the account behind editing the actress’s page was not linked with any Wikipedia editors, it was rather a phony – [...]

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Fappening 4: Hacked nude photo of Winona Ryder, Erin Heatherton, AnnaLynne McCord, and Nina Dobrev leaked


It seems that hackers are not ready to forgive anyone. According to media reports, new fully nude photos of famous Hollywood celebrities were released on the web on Monday. Among the victims are the actress Winona Ryder, the model Erin Heatherton, actress of the series “90210” 902-100′ AnnaLynne McCord, and Nina Dobrev, who participates in [...]

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Hackers breach Yahoo! servers through Bash Bug

Romanian hackers breach Yahoo! servers through Bash Bug

Romanian hackers used Bash Bug flaw to hack Yahoo servers, according to a recent security news update. Jonathan Hall, President of the IT consulting firm, Future South Technologies and a security researcher, has affirmed that a group of Romanian hackers used the Shellshock vulnerability to compromise Yahoo servers, which was also confirmed by Yahoo! Hall [...]

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